Sergio Allevato participates in “Encontro de Mundos”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
The “Encontro dos Mundos” (Meeting of Worlds) exhibition celebrates the first anniversary of MAR and pays tribute to its benefactors for creating the Collection.

The show, for the first time, brings together the works that were donated to the institution and reflect on the diversity of the experiences offered by the museum. The exhibition is curated by Paulo Herkenhoff, cultural director of MAR. “Encontro dos Mundos” gathers over 160 pieces by artists such as Aleijadinho, Guignard, Vik Muniz, Mestre Valentim, Ione Saldanha, Sergio Allevato and Raul Mourão.

The starting point is the installation “Modernismo Shamânico” (Shamanic Modernism), by Sergio Vega, which represents the environment, cultural times, music, modern architecture, design, technology, art institutions, popular traditions and social life in Brazil. With eighteenth-century tapestry by Albert Eckhout, “O Combate dos Animais – A Anta e a Onça” (Combat of Animals – The Tapir and the Leopard) from the series “Pequenas Índias” (Little Indian Girls), the piece articulates the encounter of visitors and the many worlds of the collection.

More than presenting part of the collecton, the show aims at getting the public involved in questions about the purposes of a museum. “Integrated with MAR’s collection, the works are rearticulated with each other in symbolical terms, creating meanings and bonds like in the hypothesis of this exhibition”, says Herkenhoff. “The groups we name ‘meaningful nuclei’, thought over many points of view, configure the characteristics of MAR as a possible place for encounters of worlds”, he adds.

The exhibition, in display until 25th May, is presented to the public in nuclei:
(Mis)encounters with nature in the imaginary of mythic and pseudoscientific imaginary;
Geo, or the political hegemony in the representation of social space;
I believe! The tolerance and the religious diversity;
Constructive will – The geometric abstraction as dimension of modernity in Brazil.

* text extracted from article published at portal do Jornal do Brasil

Among the participating artists are Sergio Allevato, PIPA 2010 and 2012 nominee.

“Encontro de Mundos”, with participation of Sergio Allevato
From 18th February to 25th May
Museu de Arte do Rio
Praça Mauá, 5, Centro
CEP 20081-240
Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Phone no.: (21) 3031 274100
Tuesdays from 10am to 7pm.
Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am to 5pm.
Tickets for R$8,00 to R$4,00.

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