SP-Arte 2014 | Sandra Cinto and Fabio Morais launch their books “Partitura” and “Não”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

As part of the SP-Arte 2014 programme, the books “Partitura” (Music sheet) by Sandra Cinto and “Não” (No) by Fabio Morais will be launched this Thursday at 7pm, at the SP-Arte Lounge.

*About “Partitura”:
For her music sheet, Sandra brought in the usual elements: a pentagram precipitates with the turning of pages, pausing the movement in the piece’s central pair, creating a horizon and the drawings, that refer to vibration and sound waves, travel the whole book and alter this media’s code.

The artist draws in each of the 15 copies, printed in lithography and put in fabric folders, leaning on a wooden base, drawn and made especially for publication. Therefore, every piece is unique, even though it is part of a 15 copy edition. The work’s shape was inspired by old music exercise books and the choice for lithography is because it was a tecnique developed for printing music sheets, in the late 1700s, later used for copying.

About “Não”:
Fabio Morais, whose artistic investigations have the book as basis, was invited to inaugurate the series “ponto e vírgula” (period and comma). In an exercise referring to the history of impression (and expression) in Brazil, Fabio writes texts, gathers references and creates dialogues about the theme that goes back to the 18th century – when the first typographies arrived in the country, going through a period of suppression until being authorised by the government in 1808 – until censorship that came with the 1964 coup d’état and the 2000s when instant communication becomes evident.

Fabio begins this work by subverting the very physical organisation of a book: the text starts in the cover, takes up some pages in the middle, unnumbered, to then give way to images. These imagens compose a dialogue: to follow it, the reader must go back and forth, since the pages are scrambled. The end of this exercise leads to what would be the book cover, in the central pair, with the answer to the last question in the dialogue: no. The text is then resumed, finishing in the forth cover.

*Texts originally from theIkrek Edições website.

Launching of “Partitura” and “Não”, by Sandra Cinto and Fabio Morais
Thursday, 3rd April, 7pm
Lounge SP-Arte
Pavilhão da Bienal
Parque do Ibirapuera
Event with box office

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