SP-Arte 2014 | Talk about the painting series “Gelatina” by Estela Sokol

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The art critic Rodrigo Naves and the history of art researcher Taísa Palhares discuss the painting series “Gelatina” by Estela Sokol, this Friday at 1:40pm, as part of the SP-Arte programme. As well as the talk, which will be held in Portuguese, a catalogue about the series, first shown in the Anita Schwartz gallery, will be launched.

In contrast with the usual vibrant tones, Estela appropriates the original colours of the used materials. The series consist of 3 paintings made of PVC sheets, opaque and transparent, over wooden frames. Without using pigments, choosing a palette or ordinary mediums (such as oil or acrylic paint), Estela enchances that the “PVC over wooden frame paintings suggest a dialogue between the palette found in the industry and the pictoric traditon”. “I stretch and overlap colour PVC sheets among other synthetic materials, creating various hues that change with lighting and the visitors movement”, says the PIPA 2012 nominee.

Talk about the painting series “Gelatina” by Estela Sokol
Friday 4th April, at 1:40pm
SP-Arte auditorium – ground floor, Biennial Pavillion
Parque do Ibirapuera, Portão 3
São Paulo, Brasil

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