SP Arte 2014 | Highlights of the 10th edition

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The International Art Fair of São Paulo opens its tenth edition this Thursday, with over 130 galleries from Brazil and abroad, as well as a diversified cultural schedule, with artist talks, launches and a curatorial lab.

The following galleries are among the participants:
A Gentil Carioca
Bolsa de Arte de Porto Alegre
Silvia Cintra + Box 4
Casa Triângulo
Galeria Fortes Vilaça
Galeria Laura Marsiaj
Galeria Leme
Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea
Mendes Wood DM
Galeria Nara Roesler
Paulo Darze Galeria de Arte
White Cube
Ybakatu Espaço de Arte

Among the artists who will be exhibited are:
Alexandre Vogler
Adriano Costa
Afonso Tostes
Alexandre Mazza
Alice Miceli
Ana Miguel
Bruno Dunley
Bruno Miguel
C. L. Salvaro
Camila Sposati
Carlos Contente
Carlos Vergara
Chiara Banfi
Cinthia Marcelle
Daniel Acosta
Daniel Lannes Pereira
Daniel Steegmann Mangrané
Danielle Carcav
Deyson Gilbert
Débora Santiago
Eduardo Berliner
Eduardo Coimbra
Elder Rocha
Erika Verzutti
Florival Oliveira
Fábio Baroli
Gisele Camargo
Iuri Sarmento
Ivan Grilo
José Bechara
João Loureiro
Kilian Glasner
Laercio Redondo
Laura Lima
Lenora de Barros
Letícia Ramos
Lucia Koch
Lucia Laguna
Luiz Hermano
Marcelo Moscheta
Marcelo Solá
Marcius Galan
Maria Klabin
Maria Laet
Maria Nepomuceno
Mariana Manhães
Mariana Palma
Marilá Dardot
Marina Rheingantz
Marta Neves
Matheus Rocha Pitta
Milton Marques
O Grivo
Patricia Osses
Paulo Almeida
Patrícia Leite
Paulo Meira
Paulo Nazareth
Paulo Nenflídio
Paulo Pereira
Paulo Vivacqua
Pedro Motta
Pedro Varela
Raul Mourão
Reginaldo Pereira
Renata Lucas
Ricardo Basbaum
Roberto Winter
Rodolpho Parigi
Rodrigo Braga
Rodrigo Matheus
Rodrigo Torres
Rogério Ghomes
Rommulo Vieira Conceição
Sandra Cinto
Sara Ramo
Sonia Gomes
Tamar Guimarães
Tatiana Stropp
Thiago Honório
Thiago Martins de Melo
Thiago Rocha Pitta
Tony Camargo
Vauluizo Bezerra
Vânia Mignone
Waléria Américo
Washington Silveira


ICCo Residence Scholarship and Illy Award
For the second consecutive year, the SP-Arte and the ICCo (Contemporary Culture Institute) will conceed places of residence for two artists represented by participating galleries in the Fair.
In 2014, the residence will be sponsored by the Fundação Bienal of Cerveira, in Portugal. In 2013, Marcia Xavier and Rodrigo Braga were awared with residencies in Esthia, Rome, and at the Residency Unlimited in New York, respectively. The jury had Elisa Bygton, of Esthia, Boshko Boskovic, from RU, Daniel Rangel from ICCo and Fernanda Feitosa from SP-Arte.
Rodrigo Braga will display the series “Dead Horse Bay”, produced over his residency at RU. It is a set of photographs, objects and videos that depict a beach in Brooklyn, New York, that was used as a garbage dump and where dead horses were processed to make soap.

The Illy Sustain Art was founded in 2007 with the purpose of showing new talents of contemporary art in developing countries. Among its activities is the Illy Award, which takes place in fairs and exhibitions of contemporary art around the world and, since 2012, in SP-Arte. Throughout the event, a judging commission selects an artist represented by the participsting galleries, who will receive an award in the sum of twenty thousand reais. In 2013, the commission had Alexia Atala, curator of Club de Grabado do Museo de la Solidariedad, Chile, and Marta Mestre, assistant curator of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro. The winner was Valéria Américo, from Fortaleza, represented by Laura Marsiaj gallery.

Solo & Showcase
“Solo” is a new exhibitor sector organized by leading Brazilian Curator and Director of Inhotim, Rodrigo Moura, thar will show cutting edge emerging art from 13 diverse galleries. The galleries participating in this section will be given 25 squared metres to exhibit works by a single artist. The Solo section offers an alternative space for galleries participating in the fair to focus on a single artist, increasing his/her visibility and establishing a dialogue between the curator and selected galleries.

The Showcase sector, returning for its second year, will present 23 galleries whose booths will focus on works by three selected artists. Through this sector, the 2014 edition of the fair will also introduce a selection of international galleries that have not exhibited at SP-Arte before, including Galeria Plan B (Germany), Rolf Art (Argentina), Esther Woerdehoff (France), Johannes Vogt (US), Nosco (UK), and Hus Gallery (UK).

Talks with the artists
The Talks were organized by Adriano Pedrosa due to the necessity of informing the art market public and creating a direct relationship with the pedagogical project of the Curatorial Lab. They will be held in Portuguese and conducted in two axis, involving different professionals of the field: artists and curators.
Thursday, April 3rd: Artists
4pm – Thiago Martins de Melo
6pm – Mabe Bethônico
7:30pm – Anna Bella Geiger
Friday, April 4th: Curators
4pm – Pablo León de la Barra
6pm – Ivo Mesquita
7:30pm – Julieta Gonzalez

Sandra Cinto and Fabio Morais launch their books “Partitura” and “Não” – Thursday, 3rd April, 7pm
Ikrek Publishing will be launching two books: “Partitura” (Music sheet) by Sandra Cinto – 15 hand drawn copies, printed in lithography and put in fabric folders – and “Não” (No) by Fabio Morais – texts, references and dialogues on the history of impression and expression in Brazil.

Talk about the painting series “Gelatina” by Estela Sokol – Friday, 4th April, 1:40pm, at the SP Arte Lounge
Art critic Rodrigo Naves and history of art researcher Taísa Palhares discuss the painting series “Gelatina” by Estela Sokol, this Friday at 1:40pm. In contrast with the usual vibrant tones, Estela appropriates the original colours of the used materials. The series consist of 13 paintings made of PVC sheets, opaque and transparent, over wooden frames. A catalogue about the series, first shown in the Anita Schwartz gallery, will be launched along with the talk.

Mariana Palma’s book launch – Saturday, 5th April at 6pm at the Oi/Iguatemi Lounge
The publishing house G. Ermakoff will be realeasing compilation of the works produced form 2006 to 2013, with texts by Angélica de Moraes, Camila Belchior and Juliana Monachesi. The publication also includes scenes from Mariana’s studio, reference images and photographs of watercolour drafts that intend on showing her creating process.

Curatorial Lab
The two chosen curators, Carolina Vieira and Traplev, currently live in Brazil’s northeast region and will have their exhibition projects accompanied by Pedrosa until April 2014 during SP-Arte’s 10th edition. The exhibitions can be visited from April 3-6, 2014.

Editorial cluster:
Based on the relations existing between artistic production, editorial production, and their markets, the Editorial Cluster consists of four sections – art and culture Magazines from Brazil and abroad; the Bacanas Books exhibition; publishers of Artist’s Books; and Book Releases – and will be presented between the Pavilion’s ground floor and 1st floor.

SP-Arte 2014
3rd to 6th April 2014
Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo (Biennial Pavillion)
Ibirapuera Park, Gate 3
São Paulo, Brazil

Visiting hours: Thursday 3 to Saturday 5, 1pm to 9pm / Sunday 6, 11am to 7pm
Ticket prices: R$ 40,00 (general) / R$ 20,00 (reduced*)
*students, visitors with disabilities, and senior citizens (upon presentation of a valid ID)
Entry to the fair is permitted up to 1 hour before the event closes.
Children up to age 10 and those who have a VIP card do not pay entry (upon presentation of a valid ID)
SP-Arte has a free of charge coat check located at both the ground floor and first floor entrances. It is prohibited to enter the event with luggage, backpacks, and large bags. SP-Arte reserves the right to decide what can and cannot be checked in at the coat-check.
Photography is permitted at the Event, however flash is prohibited at all times. Tripod use must receive prior authorization by SP-Arte.

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