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New pages | Meet first time nominees: Marina Weffort and Renato Pera

Renato Pera, who lives and works in São Paulo, is a multimedia artist graduated in Visual Arts at the University of São Paulo, where he is currently on a Master degree.
São Paulo-based Marina Weffort graduated in Fine Arts, drawing and sculpture and in 2009 participated in the Centro Cultural São Paulo exhibition program, her first solo exhibition, winning the acquisition prize.
Visit these artists’ pages, created this week, to know more about them and see images of their works.

Schedule | May 3rd – 9th

In Rio, last days to visit “Metamorfose” by Toz. In São Paulo, don’t miss “O Informante”, by Henrique César and “The Century” and “One Way Street”, by Cinthia Marcelle and Tiago Mata Machado, that end soon. In Spain, “The body that carries me”, by Ernesto Neto is on view at Guggenheim Bilbao.
Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

MAM-Rio | May schedule

See the May schedule of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, including exhibitions, cinematheque and educative programme. This month the following shows are on view: “A Inusitada Coleção de Sylvio Perlstein” a completely new exhibition that gathers 150 pieces of great artists such as Dalí, Duchamp, Miró, Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Kandinsky, Cartier-Bresson, Christo, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Tunga, Vik Muniz, Mapplethorpe, Warhol, among others; and Ron Mueck’s individual show, whose sculptures stand out for their scale change and character realism, with subtle gestures that express situations filled with life and mystery. Two exhibitions have been extended: “MAM Collection – Restored Works” and “4×3 The Art of Movie Posters”. At the Cinematheque, the Museum welcomes the International Uranium Film Festival and pays tribute to filmmaker Alain Resnais.

“Pocket Landscape” | Installation by Otavio Schipper

(São Paulo, Brazil) The simplicity of Schipper’s installation brings us to the Cartesian plane: the rails and poles can be the x and y axes of a graph, transfiguring the exhibition space into geometric space, the area of mathematical abstraction and rationalization. The construction of the installation which uses elements that symbolize the first two industrial revolutions, points to processes of scientific development that Western societies have experienced in modernity, a break that disenchanted the world, dominated by utilitarian and teleological understandings of progress.

Infrared photographs by Renan Cepeda on view

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The solo exhibition “Wave” consists of photographs taken by Renan Cepeda in his hometown, Rio. Over the course of twenty years, the artist has explored the effects and possibilities that infrared radiation enables in the photography field, and chose landscapes across the Guanabara bay as his object. This technique which makes up light spectrums allowed Cepeda to create haunting and dreamlike results out of otherwise natural sceneries.

“A Sense of Place” | Last month

(San Francisco, USA) The pictures assembled in “A Sense of Place” demonstrate what photography does best: engage our attention with the everyday – to what we might otherwise bypass – inspiring us to take another, closer look at the places that surround us.

Exhibition gathers brand new works by André Komatsu, Marcius Galan and José Rufino

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Experimentando Espaços 2” gathers the works of nine Brazilian artists curated by Agnaldo Farias. The pieces bring different proposals that go from architecture, landscape to houses and objects with which we settle them. “Speculating about the meanings and shapes of being that cities, landscapes, architectures and even the extensive scale of objects with which we furniture domestic spaces, the artists, through expressive medias, end up reinventing the very notion of space”, says the curator.

Last days | “Sudário” by Carlos Vergara

(Brasília, Brazil) Using monotype into scarves, paintings, photography, videos and installations, Carlos Vergara articulates the mystic meaning in the places he has been, like India, Kazakhstan and the Pantanal. “This is possible due to my origin with the condition of transitoriness, still considering the interpersonal relations built through the process, which became important in the development of my poetic”, explains Vergara.

Last days | “O Informante” by Henrique César

(São Paulo, Brazil) These are the last days to visit Henrique César’s solo exhibition, which consists of a thermo-hygrograph which records the gallery’s temperature and air humidity. The information collected by the machine is displayed on the walls of the exhibition space, a way of materialising otherwise intangible and invisible mass.

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