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Carla Zaccagnini features in Ireland’s Biennial on the theme “Agitationism”

(Limerick, Ireland) 56 Irish and international artists have been selected from over 2,000 proposals coming from 96 countries to display their work in the 36th edition of Ireland’s Biennial of Contemporary Art, a 12-week programme of exhibitions and events that engage with the people and city of Limerick, Ireland. Since its foundation in 1977, EVA International has worked with some of the world’s leading artists and curators, bringing outstanding exhibitions to audiences on the west coast of Ireland. Artists’ projects were selected through an international open call for proposals and exhibitions take place in both gallery and non-gallery spaces.

Ciga ArtRio | See the galleries participating in the circuit

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Over 40 galleries scattered in seven neighbourhoods open their doors with special vernissages, exhibitions, visitings to ateliers, performances and talks with artists and curators. Also, the city’s main culture institutions participate in an event on Sunday, 18th May, International Museum Day. See the schedule for some of the galleries below:

“Deus e sua obra no sul da América”, featuring Reginaldo Pereira

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) The themes which will be developed by the museum will allow a more ample vision to be formed, exploring all the senses through the ways human rights are expressed in art, enabling insights about the cultural idea of human rights on many levels. One of the exhibition’s goal is to present to a broad public the importance of human rights as a society structure element.

Last days | “Sylvio: The Clash of ‘Worlds'”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) These are the last days to visit the collection of over a hundred 20th century artworks of the Belgian-Brazilian collector Sylvio Perlstein. Says curator Luis Camillo Osorio: “To bring this collection to MAM is to share some of Sylvio Perlstein’s half-century of intimate familiarity with seminal works of art – that are rarely collected. There it is. More than a collection, what we see is the residue of day-to-day life.”

Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima show “Espera” in Ribeirão Preto

(Ribeirão Preto, Brazil) “Espera” draws in present time and memories of past situations. Time gives the keynote for the exhibition. I appears in “Contra Duchamp” (Against Duchamp), represented by the chess matches played by Duchamp, as repetition and accumulation in “Espera”, and in the sedimentary formation of the book columns in “Deposição” (Deposition).

Last days | “Deságua” by Celina Portella

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Celina Portella’s “Deságua”, an individual show where the artist displays videos and photographs produced in 2013 and 2014, is ending soon. The theme behind this exhibition is the infinite cycle of water, reproducing itself in the universe of ideas, precisely and repetitively. In fixed frames, Celina has portrayed people in either redundant or contradictory actions.

Gallery Luciana Caravello holds solo exhibition “Only Excess”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Carolina Ponte’s work is devoted precisely to the observation of ornaments, excessive gestures, “unproductive expense”, as Bataille terms it. Producing crocheted objects and multicolored drawings, the artist turns us into viewers of images originally connected with the decoration of temples. On the other hand, these are also connected with profane rites, occasions on which we come into contact with unproductive expense: frills, fancy-dress for cathartic consummations.

Roesler Hotel #26 gathers prominent curators from Brazil and abroad

(São Paulo, Brazil) Sculptures, installations, paintings and abstract photographs that use the resource of light and reinforce its fugacity by means of the oscillation between appearance and disappearance make up the 26th edition’s show, curated by art historian Matthieu Poirier. The spectral character of the objects is not in the full disappearance, but in the tension that exists in the “twinkling between visible and not visible, the constant fluctuation between the life and the death of appearances.”

PIPA nominees participate in photography group show

(São Paulo, Brazil) More than eighty photographic pieces are on view at the “Poder provisório” exhibition, curated by Eder Chiodetto. Beginning in a portal, the cycle starts and ends with two images of the Setember 11 Attacks, by Alcir da Silva and visitors are invited to zigzag through the exhibition space, differing from the original architectural conception.

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