Daily Archives: May 17, 2014

Celina Portella in brand new performance “Nós”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “‘Nós’ [‘We’] is an action between the body and its multiples projected in real scale. The interaction between body and image proposes simple and dynamic movimentations, resulting in varied compositions between ‘characters'” says the artist about the 13-minute long projection. Apart from the performance, Celina will display other artworks such as videos and photographs.

Opening | “On the Object of 8th Degree” by José Damasceno

(São Paulo, Brazil) The exhibition consists of a brand new installation that carries the name of the solo show, a group of screen prints and a painting. “On the Object of 8th Degree” was inspired by Damasceno’s travels to Guadalajara, Mexico, where he became interested in obsidian, a type of volcanic glass which was used as a mirror and weapon in pre-Colombian America. The sculpture installation is associated with “Estudos Paragráficos II”, which reveal a mediation between the graphic inscription and its possibilities of materialization, underscoring the tension between the bi- and tridimensional, the virtual and the real.

Last days | “S Titulo C Amor From Me To U” and “Deserto-Modelo” by Adriano Costa and Lucas Arruda

(São Paulo, Brazil) Last week to visit solo exhibitions by Adriano Costa and Lucas Arruda. Contrary to specific media, Adriano Costa’s pieces can appear in several forms and configurations, and they can specially be materialized from anything that exists. Adriano’s apparently anarchic freedom sucks the objects and the aesthetic footprints that Adrianos find out there. Lucas Arruda paints first about memory, then about landscapes. They are memories built inside the atelier, not outdoors. Apparently, he finds or tries to find order in the world inside the atelier.

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