Last days | “Experimentando Espaços 2” com Marcius Galan, André Komatsu and José Rufino

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The Museu da Casa Brasileira displays the second edition of the show “Experimentando Espaços” (Experimenting Spaces), which occupies the museum gardens and gathers brand new works of nine contemporary Brazilian artists.

About the exhibition:
Specially conceived for the green are of the Museu da Casa Brasileira, the exhibition “Experimentando Espaços 2” gathers the works of nine Brazilian artists curated by Agnaldo Farias. The pieces bring different proposals that travel from architecture, landscape, houses and objects with which we settle them. Complimenting the exhibition programme is a debate cycle, from 27th to 29th March, with specialists Guilherme Wisnik and Marta Bógea, the curator and the participating artists.

“Experimentando Espaços 2” resumes the 2009 occupation of the museum gardens, that also counted with Agnaldo Farias’s content selection. “This edition’s aim is still preseting some of the most varied and intriguing spacial experiences created by our artists”, reveals the curator. “Speculating about the meanings and shapes of being that cities, landscapes, architectures and even the extensive scale of objects with which we furniture domestic spaces, the artists, through expressive medias, end up reinventing the very notion of space.”

Participatng in this second edition, all of them with entirely new work, are: André Komatsu, Angelo Venosa, Carmela Gross, Daniel Murgel, Genilson Soares, Georgia Kyriakakis, José Rufino, Marcius Galan e Rodrigo Bueno.  

“Experimentando Espaços 2”, with André Komatsu, José Rufino and Marcius Galan
Visiting from 22nd March to 25th May (tickets for R$4)
Museu da Casa Brasileira
Av. Faria Lima, 2.705 – Jd. Paulistano
T.: +55 11 3032-3727

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