Lecture-performance by Maryam Jafri as part of solo show “Mouthfeel”

(London, United Kingdom)

Maryam Jafri will present a new lecture-performance stemming from her research on international forms of television advertising. Jafri is joined by Liz Moor, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London who will discuss her research on the emergence of the branding industry. This event is part of Maryam’s solo exhibition “Mouthfeel”, which goes on until 18th May.

During her lecture-performance, Maryam Jafri will situate a selection of television commercials from the global south in specific social and historical contexts. These include: the 19th century rise of domestic science as scientific discipline made by and for women; the subsequent transmutation of this field during the early 20th century into the more circumscribed domain of home economics; the 21st century phenomenon of so called “tropical tech”, which refers to investments made by global IT companies into technology incubation laboratories in sub-Saharan Africa; and the surprising, sometimes counter-intuitive connections made between war and advertising in commercials from Vietnam and Iraq.

“Mouthfeel” is the first solo exhibition in London by Maryam Jafri. Comprising the newly commissioned short film of the same name and a new photo-text work entitled “Product Recall: An Index of Innovation” (both 2014), the exhibition explores the politics underpinning the industrial production of food, connecting themes as diverse as “big food”, flavour enhancement technology and overconsumption. 

Lecture-Performance and Presentation: Maryam Jafri on TV Advertising and Liz Moor on Branding
13th May, at 7pm
Free – book via booking@gasworks.org.uk

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