Opening | Dak’Art 2014 – Biennial of Contemporary African Art, with Jonathas de Andrade

(Dakar, Senegal)

Jonathas de Andrade has been invited to participate in the 11th Biennial of Contemporary African Art, the Dak’Art 2014. The artist will be displaying works which are part of “Museu do Homem do Nordeste” (Museum of the Northeast Man), a group of installations and even a real museum created by the artist.

The project “Cartazes para o Museu do Homem do Nordeste” (Posters for the Museum of the Northeast Man, 2013) started as Jonathas de Andrade published ads in a popular newspaper between 2012-2013 in Recife, Brazil, in search of workers interested in posing for the posters for the Museu do Homem do Nordeste. Responding to the requests, the artist and the workers that called about the ad engaged in conversations, each encounter being documented in notes written by the artist.

These notes reveal the motivations of each and also tell about how the men perceive themselves – sometimes leading to incongruous situations. Parallel to this process, photographs were taken with spontaneous labour or daily situations with workers found ramdomly by walking around the city of Recife. Andrade’s museum is not without recalling the colonial classifications except that this man as he is photographed today is a proud man. It also reflects the Brazilian melting pot, certainly the greatest wealth of this country.

Jonathas de Andrade participates in Dak’Art 2014
On view from 9th May to 8th June
Exhibitions are open daily, including Sundays and bank holidays from 10am to 6:30pm

Dak’Art 2014: Biennial of Contemporary African Art
Village de la Biennale
Place de L’indépendance
Dakar, Senegal

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