Opening | “Only Excess” by Carolina Ponte

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The gallery Luciana Caravello opens the solo exhibition “Only Excess” tonight at 7pm, by artist Carolina Ponte.

About the exhibition (curatorial text by Marcelo Campos):
“Only Excess” brings together drawings and objects, in which the artist aims to demonstrate excess, surplus, that which frames empty spaces. Carolina Ponte therefore does not exhibit architectural parts, such as friezes or ornaments, which should, in theory, circumscribe content. With this gesture, she activates a duality, an ambivalence, confronting us with something that has no protagonist, erasing a possibly principal portion.

Carolina Ponte’s work is devoted precisely to the observation of ornaments, excessive gestures, “unproductive expense”, as Bataille terms it. Producing crocheted objects and multicolored drawings, the artist turns us into viewers of images originally connected with the decoration of temples. On the other hand, these are also connected with profane rites, occasions on which we come into contact with unproductive expense: frills, fancy-dress for cathartic consummations. The artist’s work is practically a spectacularization of form, ornate for no reason. Shorn of their nucleus, friezes and frames are, in themselves, the principal subject matter, windows blind to the world. Ponte expunges, erases information; yet this does not make us notice what is missing, but rather the human desire to dedicate oneself to excess.

Carolina Ponte’s work places us within this ambivalence, provides ornaments, colors, fluting, and excessive detail for the void. She thus creates what Bataille called a cosmic phenomenon: explosions, spirals, stardust generate conditions in which we can perceive the infinite, as in the cosmos.

Producing for nothing, creating “unproductive expense”; in cultural terms, connecting with excess, only excess. But life is too big for itself. Nothing is restrained by its boundaries: play, sex, spectacle. On a daily basis, we confer meaning on excess, or rather, share excesses, food, rituals, couture. We crave lyricism, the union of feelings. It is hard to containn lyricism. It is impossible to separate out desire.

In her work, Carolina Ponte creates gestures of excess, too many lines, too many colors, extensive crocheting. In this it resembles the poetry of Manuel Bandeira, which declared itself to abound in “reserved lyricism”, the “well-behaved kind of lyricism”, “that clocks in and out, has fixed working hours, protocols and compliments the managing director.” Previously, Bandeira advocated a lyricism of madmen and drunkards.

“Only Excess”, by Carolina Ponte
Opening 6th May at 7pm
On view until 7th June
Visiting hours: Mon-Fri, from 10am to 7pm; Saturdays from 11am to 2pm

Luciana Caravello
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