PIPA 2014 Artists | Updates and new pages created this week

We have already met the 66 PIPA 2014 participating artists, see the complete list here.
Among them, 41 artists (62% of the total) are participating for the first time this year.

After being nominated and sending in the Terms of Commitment, confirming their participation, artists begin sending material for creating or updating (in case of artists previously nominated) their pages here in the website.
The pages are filled with images of their work, informations on their career and artist videos, and is through them that we publish the artworks of all the nominees in the five years the Prize has been active.

This week we created the following artist pages of first-time PIPA nominees:

Arthur Scovino

His recently-created page has 20 images of his artworks, 3 videos and general information on his career.

Born in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, Arthur Scovino moved to Salvador, Bahia, in 2008 to study at the School of Fine Arts of Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). Since then he works on artistic research about the environment, culture and social affective relations in Bahia, especially in Salvador. Working with many medias like performance, installation, photography, video and drawings. Scovino investigates aesthetics and contemporary artistic thinking through performative and relational actions. He participated in Performance art shows, solo and group exhibitions, and in 2013, received the award from the Visual Arts Salon of Bahia. His recent works talk about symbols of religion and Brazilian miscegenation.

Daniel de Paula

Daniel’s page presents his career through 25 images of his artworks as well as a text on his trajectory.

Daniel de Paula was born in 1987 in Boston, USA. Son of Brazilian immigrants in the country he moved to Brazil still young where he currently lives and works between São Paulo and Itapevi. He holds a BA in Art from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado [FAAP] in 2012.
The recent propositions by Daniel de Paula seek to activate and exhaust a multitude of agents and relations in a given spatial context. His work seems invested with vitality, a silent forcefulness derived from qualities subtracted off the very own behavior and history of ordinary objects, places, and actions in an urban landscape. The operations employed by the artist suggest an indivisible bond between the objects presented and the actions that give them existence, presence, and significance. Through strategies such as amplified negotiations with and within city structures, displacement of quotidian objects, appropriation of public infrastructure, and interaction with constitutive agents of the exhibition space and its surrounding landscape, his pieces, installations, and interventions attempt to disarticulate, reconstruct and resignify rigid and conditioned spatial and conceptual systems and configurations. His recent maneuvers have intersected the disciplines of art, architecture, and geography by means of juxtaposing of objects and actions in both public and private spheres.

Apart from these two, we updated the pages of the following artists:

Eduardo Berliner

The Rio-based artist, a PIPA 2011 finalist, sent new images of recent artworks and updated his CV.

Renato Pera

Renato was nominated for the first time this year and had his page recently created. Now he has sent in new images and a new video.

Virgílio Neto

The Brasília-born artist updated his page with recent artworks images and a new text.

See the PIPA 2014 nominated artists pages, click here for the full list.

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