Roesler Hotel #26 | Exhibitions project with guest curators

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Roesler Hotel #26, Nara Roesler’s exhibitions project by guest curators presents the selection of art historian Matthieu Poirier, co-curator of the show Dynamo, at the Grand Palais.

The fugacity of light is the conducting wire of the twentieth-sixth edition of Roesler Hotel, Galeria Nara Roesler’s exhibitions project that invites prominent Brazilian and foreign curators. Curated by art historian Matthieu Poirier, the show “Spectres” presents nearly 20 works by artists such as James Turrell and Julio Le Parc.

The show features sculptures, installations, paintings and abstract photographs that use the resource of light and reinforce its fugacity by means of the oscillation between appearance and disappearance. This alternation between light and dark, and the resulting projection of shadows, is what gives these works, which are from various periods and artistic movements, a spectral and ghostly aura.

In this show, Poirier questions the nature of abstraction – when understood as the death of the figure – through light, which has the power to create visual materiality and presence, as well as to conceal them. In his words, “light is no longer seen as a tool to understand or ‘to make sense.’ Instead, light dissolves reality, expanding the limits of sight.”

The spectral character of the objects is not in the full disappearance, but in the tension that exists in the “twinkling between visible and not visible, the constant fluctuation between the life and the death of appearances.” Thus, Poirier defines perceptual art – which emerges from the senses – as the art produced as a result of visual perception, as opposed to conceptual art, which is firstly originated in the realm of reason and thought.

Roesler Hotel #26
On view until 5th June
Visiting hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm; Sat 11am-3pm

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São Paulo
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