Screening of the film “Blank”, by Mauro Espíndola, Ali Khodr and Camila Mello

(Porto Alegre, Brazil)

The artist Mauro Espíndola will be screening for the first time in Brazil his film Blank, produced during his residency period in ZKU Berlin with Ali Khodr and Camila Mello.

The film, according to Michel Daccache:
Blank is a clever filmic dispositive that deals with spectrality using the most spectral means of expression, cinema. It actually aims to defeat the myth of origins and its contemporary manifestations. It makes use of the specific resources of filmmaking, which is the manipulation of time, to talk about a sensitive issue: the disharmony between subjective experience of time and narratives of remembrance. Modern societies are built on metaphysics of the individual, and each person as an individual is supposed to get empowered using remembrance tools (such as archives…). But what happens when you don’t recognize yourself in the tools of investigation of memory and of the past that are made available? Blank invites us to think about the complexity of memory and subjective experience of time, in an era satured with narratives and devices of remembrance.

A document book about the production process will be released along with the screening. Contributions to support printing the document book are welcome through this website.

About the document book:
Organised by visual artists Ali Khodr, Camila Mello and Mauro Espíndola, the publication follows the whole film production process, concluded in the residency programme at ZKU – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik – in Berlin.

The 80-pag edition in Portuguese and English gathers texts from the project supporters as well as an interview with the project authors conducted by Caroline Menezes. Black and white impression on off-set paper, with dvd folder with the film BLANK translated into four languages: Portuguese, English, German and French. Part of the 500 issue circulation will be distributed among museums, cultural centres and public schools for free.

Screening of “Blank”, at Galeria Mamute
8th May at 7pm
Rua Caldas Júnior, 375 | Historical centre
Porto Alegre, RS | Brazil
Open from Tuesdays to Fridays, 2pm to 6pm

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