Exhibitions by Adriano Costa and Lucas Arruda at the same gallery

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Mendes Wood gallery holds two solo exhibitions. They are “Deserto-Modelo” by Lucas Arruda and “S Titulo C Amor From Me To U” by Adriano Costa.

About “Deserto-Modelo” (original text by Rodrigo Bivar):
The pieces by Lucas Arruda are about memory in the first place, before being landscape painting. They are memories built inside the atelier, not outdoors. They are more characterized as moments of the artist instead of nature: a second content deriving from the first one. There is the will to affirm himself as a man, as a subject. Yes, I have been there, I remember what I felt. He does that by recreating the light and the colors that triggered happiness, melancholy, sadness, and the plenitude of having been there at that time.

Apparently, he finds or tries to find order in the world inside the atelier. He recreates all of those sensations by exercising what he likes most, painting. And for that it is normal that sometimes his starting point would be the painting of other artists. A tree by Corot, the sea of Turner, or a beach by Reverón. We also look at the world through the eyes of artists we appreciate.

About “S Titulo C Amor From Me To U” (original text by Ricardo Sardenberg):
Contrary to specific media, Adriano Costa‘s pieces can appear in several forms and configurations, and they can specially be materialized from anything that exists. Adriano’s apparently anarchic freedom sucks the objects and the aesthetic footprints that Adrianos find out there. Instead of being pre-conceived, the work is defined in the present.

It is the catch of the happy game with the facts that are presented. As if Adriano asked, OK, I can do it, but what are the limitations? As the movie maker Claudio Assis would say – take it and receive it. The erotic of Adriano’s work is in this friendly exchange. That is the reason for the lines on the wall. They are fingers drawing small children’s paintings of love. With heart, temple, floors and many fingers on the wall. No more comments.

“Deserto-Modelo” e “S Título C Amor From Me To U”, solo shows by Lucas Arruda and Adriano Costa
East and west rooms, respectively
On view until 24th May
Visiting: Mon-Sat, 10am-7pm

Galeria Mendes Wood
Rua da Consolação 3358, Jardins
São Paulo
T: +55 11 3081 1735

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