Solo show by Tinho to be opened presents nine brand new artworks

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The solo exhibition “Reflexão” (Reflection), by Walter Tada Nomura (Tinho), at Galeria Movimento, presents nine brand new canvases which involve the urban everyday life and all the chaos that the metropolis creates.

Social, economical and urban issues have always been research objects for Tinho. His paintings estimulate reflection and aim at establishing a dialogue with the viewer, in order to raise discussions on contemporary issues. Out of this necessity his characters were formed, so distinguished in his art. Interior, sad and somber children, that carry the marks of the society they live in.

Their solitude reflects all the problems to which they are daily exposed to, and say more than a thousand words. Also quite frequent in his work is the crashed vehicles theme. Nightmares created images that speak of an interrupted journey, as a censorship that stops one from getting to its final objective.

By using what was forsaken, what belongs to everybody and nobody simultaneously, Tinho creates a delicate game between acting and reality. Nothing but art, continuously recreating the world.

“As a metropolitan being, my issues are about urban life, the social problems we are daily exposed to and the political, economical issues that reflect on our entire living. In my work, these issues relate to each other aesthetically and conceptually”, says Tinho.

“Reflexão”, solo show by Tinho
Opening 16th May, 7pm
On view until 7th June

Galeria Movimento
Av. Atlântica 4240, loja 212
Mondays – Fridays, 1pm to 7:30pm
Saturdays 12pm to 6pm

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