“Somewhere, Elsewhere, Anywhere, Nowhere”, installation by Marcelo Cidade

(San Francisco, USA)

Artist Marcelo Cidade is currently on view with the exhibition “Somewhere, Elsewhere, Anywhere, Nowhere”, where he presents an installation created as part of his residency at Kadist Art Foundation/a>, in San Francisco.

For his exhibition, Marcelo Cidade has created a new installation by excavating the top layer of existing concrete from 450 Hayes Street, a parking lot development site in San Francisco. The cut shape mirrors the exact floor plan of the Kadist gallery, where the exhumed concrete material has been relocated to fill every square inch of the gallery. By removing this section of the parking lot, bringing it into the gallery, and displacing an impression of the gallery floorplan at the parking lot site, Cidade inextricably links the city with the artwork.

Coming from a generation of Brazilian artists who have become increasingly influenced by modernist urban development, Cidade has developed a specific relationship to architecture in his practice presenting site-specific works engaging with the particular features of the gallery environment, as well as offering meditation on socio-political transformations occurring in public space.

“Somewhere, Elsewhere, Anywhere, Nowhere”, by Marcelo Cidade
Exhibition dates: 7th May -21st June
Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday 2-7pm

Kadist SF
3295 20th Street
San Francisco, California
+1 (415) 738-8668

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