160 works by photographer Luiz Braga on display in São Paulo

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Photographer Luiz Braga is on view at Sesc Pinheiros with the solo exhibition “Retumbante Natureza Humanizada” [“Resounding Nature Humanized”], where he presentes 160 artworks produced between 1976 and 2014.

“Retumbante Natureza Humanizada” is a brand new cut to Pará-based Luiz Braga’s ouevre, made after a research coordinated by the exhibition curator, Diógenes Moura, which started in 2009. The set of 160 photographs favours a great part of the artist’s brand new works in black and white. The exhibition course ends with an equally brand new video shot in Belém and Marajó Island, “O sem nome e o nada” [“The nameless and nothing”] (2014, 30’), inspired by the photographer’s work, conceived by the curator and made by the Pará group “Cêsbixo”.

The show gathers images from Belém and Marajó Island – Soure, Cachoeira do Arari, Salvaterra, Quilombo do Pau Furado -, areas where the photographer has been constantly working, a bit distanced from his Belém by the violence that affects Brazilian capital cities. “But I want to address the joy and affection that persist in some placs like Marajó Island that, without a doubt, is my ancestral passion”, says the artist.

The curator points out how in Luiz Braga’s work the contrasts between human and architectural landscape intertwine. According to him, in the Marajó Island photographs you can see the complexion on the place’s sons, each one can be a man, woman, child, tree trunk, wind, overwhelming landscape. “The deep Marajó, the place where trees talk, where whole families rest in chairs and small sofas, on doorsteps, facing the moonlight, like they are at the cinema watching life go by in technicolor”, adds Moura.

Braga says he followed his intuition and stayed where he was born. Maybe because of that, as the curator emphasizes, in his work time is ample, wide, leisurely, in the rhythm of water, as the artist was raised knowing only two seasons: rain (Amazonian winter) and less rain with more sun (summer); low tide, high tide. “After giving a lot of thought about what I did, I realised I was always naturally going back to the same places and themes, but at each return my photography could expand and deepen, while keeping a restlessness that feeds experimentation with new techniques and ways of photographing”, says the artist. “In a very rare case, Braga’s photography is the result of his days, a reinvention of what is and persists at his surroundings, like nature itself, the sophisticated, endless Amazonian man nature”, says Diógenes Moura.
(text originally from Bolsa de Arte)

“Retumbante Natureza Humanizada”, by Luiz Braga
On view until 3rd August
Visiting: Tuesdays to Fridays, from 10:30am to 9:30pm; Weekends from 10:30am to 6:30pm

Sesc Pinheiros
Rua Paes Leme 195, Pinheiros
(11) 3095-9400

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