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“Objetos de mobilidade, ações de permanência”, solo show by Daniel de Paula

(São Paulo, Brazil) Part of the Inside the White Cube program, Daniel de Paula displays sculptures and a group of triptychs all of which develop the ideas suggested by the exhibition title. The artist has also selected a varied group of locations and reading matter, such as in “Towards dialogue, through fire” (2014), which records his reading of “Letters 1964-74” by Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica, whilst sitting by an open fire, and “Towards Dematerialization” (2014), which involved de Paula reading “Six Years. The Dematerialization of the Art Object” by Lucy Lippard, once he was out at sea, out of sight of land.

On view | Group exhibition “Distrações da Memória”, with over 160 artworks

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) Curated by Ana Zavadil, the exhibition celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Museum by display a set of 160 artworks from its collection, covering history from the mid-1800s until current times. Aiming to focus on canonical works, already renowned in the collection, alongside recent aquisitions, the show proposes discussions on the ways, distractions and detours that legitimate and constitute the artistic field.

On view | Group exhibition “Pela Superfície das Páginas” [“Through the Surface of the Pages”]

(Brasília, Brazil) There are several ways and conceptions in regards to pages, an emerging matter in the Brazilian contemporary art scene. More than a space to write about art, page as a platform has become a significant, recurrent media in the Brazilian artistic production. Featuring artists Cinthia Marcelle, Fabio Morais, Lais Myrrha, Luciana Paiva, Marilá Dardot, Pablo Lobato, Raquel Stolf, Virgílio Neto and Yuri Firmeza.

Carla Zaccagnini featured in group exhibition “A Voice of One’s Own”

(Malmö, Sweden) “A Voice of One’s Own” takes its starting point 100 years ago at the Baltic Exhibition in Malmö, Sweden. 1,700 exhibitors and 850,000 visitors witnessed cultural refinement, technical developments, art exhibitions and athletic feats. There was an air of “everything is possible,” with the war yet to begin. And in the midst of all this, the women’s manifestation and fight for suffrage.

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