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“Liberdade em movimento” gathers artworks by André Severo and Runo Lagomarsino

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) The show approaches the role of walking in the contemporary artistic practice with its many unfoldings and possibilities and also brings up important social, political and poetic issues that permeate contemporary art. A tensioning that pervades the show is conflict between action and register. What the public sees is not work in itself, but just part of it, its portion of register – by its nature, biased and limited in regards to the action that originated it.

Last days | “Matriz e Desconstrução”, group show curated by Luisa Duarte

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Without a specific concept as starting point, the curator organised the show’s idea after visiting the artists studios, based on their artworks and on talks with them. “In a time where the concept, the explanation for an artwork or an exhibition seems to always come first, a chance for the public to interact with art that has an element of surprise, awe, change”, says Luisa.

“Territórios e Capitais: extinções | Lourival Cuquinha’s Financial Art on view

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The “Financial Art” project comes from Cuquinha’s comes from his experience living in London, in the prime of the financial party, before 2008, and has as basis some provocative questions: how to rethink values and multiply the circulation capacity in new production, solidarity ways? How to transform the creative resisting 1% for the 99% that are flabbergasted in the margins? Ultimately, how to deterritorialise and decapitalize the football and art party so it can belong to anyone and no one?

Group shows in Rio museum gather pieces from dozens of renowned artists

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “Inventário da Paixão – Homenagem a Marcantonio Vilaça” [“Passion Inventory – Homage to Marcantonio Vilaça”, gathering works by artists awarded in previous editions, and “Cor, Luz e Movimento” [“Colour, Light and Movement”], pays a tribute to artist Abraham Palatnik and includes pieces by artists such as Eduardo Coimbra and Wagner Malta Tavares

Marcelo Cipis’ solo exhibition on view in São Paulo gallery

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Salve!” comprises drawings, paintings and brand new sculptures. In it, Cipis discourses on his fears and anxieties in regards to art and shows a critic look on the relationship the artist must maintain with the market. It is not, however, an inquiring look, Cipis knows the rules. The exhibition presents itself as the artist’s business card, from a narrative that approaches his desires and conflicts in a rather ironic tone.

Last days | Roesler Hotel #26

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Spectres”, this edition’s show, was curated by art historian Matthieu Poirier. The spectral character of the objects is not in the full disappearance, but in the tension that exists in the “twinkling between visible and not visible, the constant fluctuation between the life and the death of appearances.” Thus, Poirier defines perceptual art – which emerges from the senses – as the art produced as a result of visual perception, as opposed to conceptual art, which is firstly originated in the realm of reason and thought.

Last days | “Ponto final”, solo show by Maurício Ianês

(São Paulo, Brazil) The artist questions verbal and artistic languages through varied medias, from drawing to sculpture. In “Império” [“Empire”], for instance, Ianês quoted Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and built a great wood sculpture that repeats one of the phrases taken by him from “Tractatus logico-philosophicus”, published by Wittgenstein in 1921. In this exhibition’s context, “Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt” (My language limitations represent my world limitations) suggests that art limitations are narrowed by what is expressed through a languaged, that is, what can be imagined.

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