“A Realidade do Sonho” explores the questions in Chico da Silva’s work

(Fortaleza, Brazil)

The current view of the collection of the Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste was attained from Chico da Silva’s work, who lives dreams as intensively as reality, either in his creations with fantastic animals, in his own biography or even in the doubts over his works authorship. Chico da Silva, more than what can be referred to his naivety or to the madness that led to his hospitalization, establishes convergence between two times: dream time, imaginary, of the sertão, urban, individual, capital, politics and geographic time. What used to be verbally passed on in stories, printed in “cordéis” and woodcuts by sertão artists we now witness in our virtual lives.

In that way, a hybrid time, multicultural, universal and local, in Rancière’s concept. This has enabled the introduction of popular and contemporary artists, from the sertão and city, exploring the connections between these times that cross the history of northeastern art to create new art and life meanings – maybe as a way of resisting. There are 55 pieces that offer a free way of observing and understanding through relationships that amplify and update the matters in Chico da Silva’s work, instead of a chronological narrative.

Visitors can also deepen their knowledge on Chico da Silva’s work, watching a video about the Escola do Pirambu and reading the rich masters thesis by researcher Adriana Botelho “Chabloz vê Chico, Chico vê Chabloz: Estudo do conceito de arte primitiva na obra pictórica de Chico da Silva”, through the Fine Arts School of the Rio de Janeiro Federal University.

Taking the realistic weight off life, the artworks in this show become key in presenting universal themes, contemporary life and in putting visitors in a game of metaphysics meaning, making up an imagetic poem that modifies rational logic.
It is not about identifying what is being presented as fiction or reality, but acknowledging that this imaginary goes from dream to reality. Like in the novels by Italian writer Luigi Pirandello, published between 1894 and 1934, reflect and express the contrast between what seems to be and what must be, between life and form or even, what is real in the dream and that materializes in body and soul. – Por Jaqueline Medeiros, curator

Featured artists: Abraão Batista, Amanda Melo, Batista Sena, Bruno Faria, Calazans Neto, Carlos Mélo, Cornélio, Cristiano Lenhardt, Diego dos Santos, Dila, Eduardo Eloy, Eduardo Frota, Fernando Peres, Francisco de Almeida, Gaio Matos, J. Borges, J.Miguel, José Costa Leite, Júlio Leite, Lourival Cuquinha, Luisa Nóbrega, Manoel Graciano, Marina de Botas, Sebastião de Paula, Sigbert Franklin, Solon Ribeiro, Stenio Diniz, Thiago Martins de Melo, Yuri Firmeza and Zenon Barreto

“A Realidade do Sonho”, with Eduardo Frota, Júlio Leite, Lourival Cuquinha, Solon Ribeiro and Yuri Frmeza, among others
Curated by Jacqueline Medeiros
From 11th June to 31st July
Tues-Sat, 10am to 7pm

Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste
Rua Conde D’Eu 590 – Centro
Fortaleza / Ceará / Brasil

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