“Eduardo Berliner + Guillermo Kuitca – Paintings”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Since 30th May, Eduardo Berliner and Guillermo Kuitca are on view at Casa Daros, where they display “Pinturas” [“Paintings”], two parallel solo exhibitions that gather around a hundred artworks.

Two artists from different generations and countries, but still able to dialogue. There are a few contact points between the two painters, but perhaps the main one is the central stand drawing has in their processes: both seem to have a deep fascination for the media.

Curated by Hans-Michael Herzog, “Pinturas” gathers around a hundred works, among them paintings and drawings dialoguing to each other. The Argentinian displays paintings on wood and drawings, showing the public his iconography, comprising cubism and houses, his recent research, still in an experimental phase. The pieces by Eduardo Berliner are oil on canvas and drawing on paper with several materials, like nankin, watercolour and graphite.

Hans-Michael Herzog points out that Guillermo and Eduardo’s ouevres “have a lot in common”, but did not want this resemblance to be so obvious in the exhibition. Both work in a dreamlike universe – “sometimes nightmares” – with childish elements, of the scary world of children with a morbid aspect. The curator emphasises both artists are painters in the true meaning of the word, that they know “exactly the colour, shape, what a white canvas means”.

About the artists

Guillermo Kuitca is a known name in the international art circuit, and he has taken part in many São Paulo Biennial editions: 24th, in 1998; 20th, in 1989 and 18th in 1985; and also participateed in the I Mercosul Biennial in Porto Alegre, 1997.

Eduardo Berliner already occupies an outstanding position in the art scene, having taken part in the 30th São Paulo Biennial in 2012, and Curitiba Biennial in 2011, among other famous ones like the CNI-SESI Marcantonio Vilaça Prize at Museum of Modern Art of Rio, 2010.

“Guillermo Kuitca + Eduardo Berliner – Pinturas”
On view through 29th June
Visiting: Wednesdays to Saturdays, 11am to 7pm; Sundays and holidays, 11am to 6pm

Casa Daros
Rua General Severiano 159, Botafogo
T: +55 21 2138-0850

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