Last days | “E fiquei de pé sobre a areia”, solo show by Regina de Paula

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The gallery Mercedes Viegas Arte Contemporâneaholds the exhibition “E fiquei de pé sobre a areia” [“And I stood up in the sand”], by Regina de Paula.

The artworks in the show originated in Jerusalem, where the city’s historical density left a mark on the artist’s poetics, which over a decade is elaborated from her experiences in certain places such as Copacabana, where the artist lives.

For Regina sand, a recurring subject on her oeuvre, is more than an element in the beach landscape: it is time, rock decomposition transforming into grains. It was basically the sand landscape that drew the artist to Israel, territory that staged some of the most significant events in our history and that to us in the West, determines the origins of christianity.

From registers made in the Negev Desert and from the reverberations of her trip, Regina appropriates the bible to creat works that result in a poetic reflection on the book’s symbolic load. Considering the bible to be a historical narrative as much as a work of fiction, the artist elaborated a photograph in a Rio beach especially for this exhibition. In it, a bible had its centre cut out in a square shape, like a negative cube, filled with beach sand. A young artist, Anais, pours the sand and then takes the bible to the ocean. The image, in christianity, works as a place of faith that produces fiction as well as asserts French theorical Marie-José Mondzain.

A set of five bibles integrates the exhibition, each with a different intervention. Among them the one used in the performance and another one in Spanish, like a sand temple inspired in pre-Colombian architecture, recalls catechism in South America. The wrok group reveals a reflexive, subjective look on history and narratives made by culture.

The reference to catechism reappears in another two images placed vertically, speaking to the “civilizing” vision of white man over natives. Other two great sets of photographic images present bibles on the intervention process.

Finally, a single-shot video, practically a still, named “Bandeiras” [“Flags”] made in archeological ruines of Avdat, surfaces the archeological past and its present-day reality.

The exhibitions photographs were attained with collaboration by Wilton Montenegro.

“E fiquei de pé sobre a areia”, by Regina de Paula
Curated by Luiz Chrysostomo
Exhibition: 5th June to 5th July
Mon-Fri 12am-8pm
Sat 4pm-8pm

Mercedes Viegas Arte Contemporânea
Rua João Borges, 86, Gávea
22451-100 | Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Tel: +55 21 2294 4305

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