Marcelo Cipis’ solo exhibition on view in São Paulo gallery

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The gallery Emma Thomas holds the exhibition “Salve!” [“Hail!”], by Marcelo Cipis. The artist’s individual comprises drawings, paintings, brand new sculptures and goes on through 12th July.

In “Salve!”, Marcelo Cipis discourses on his fears and anxieties in regards to art and shows a critic look on the relationship the artist must maintain with the market. It is not, however, an inquiring look, Cipis knows the rules. The exhibition presents itself as the artist’s business card, from a narrative that approaches his desires and conflicts in a rather ironic tone.

Cipis presents a series of works that has as guideline a critical, ironic point of view about the art system, like in the piece “Museu Guggenheim em São Paulo”. The artworks also show a clear inspiration in the marketing, prommotion and advertising universes. All this is permeated with a multimedia look that takes into account the artist’s deepest conflicts, like someone else’s perception of his work, such as in artworks “Um Olhar Feminino” [“A Feminine Look” and “Olhar Maroto Sobre a Exposição de Marcelo Cipis” [“Cheeky Look On Marcelo Cipis’ Exhibition”]. The show culminates in a black hole of its very process: 316 sealed drawings.

About the artist:
Marcelo Cipis was born in São Paulo, 1959 and studied architecture. In 1980, he began acting as artist in group exhibitions. In 1988, he held his first solo exhibition at Galeria Documenta. Other solo shows followed: at Galeria Kramer, in 1989, at Frederico Steidel atelier, in 1990, at Casa Triângulo, in 1988 and Galeria Virgílio, in 2004. Cipis participated in the 21st International São Paulo Biennial (1991) with the installation “Cipis Transworld”. In it, curiously, he creates an advert using his name as brand, an irony to art commercialization and to advertising itself.

“Salve!”, solo show by Marcelo Cipis
On view through 12th July
Free admission

Galeria Emma Thomas
Rua Estados Unidos, 2205, Jardins – São Paulo
Mon-Fri, 11am-7pm, Satudays 11am-5pm

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