Opening | “Conscientia”, group exhibition featuring Pablo Ferretti

(London, United Kingdom)

The group exhibition with colonial and contemporary sculptures and paintings “Conscientia”, featuring artist Pablo Ferretti opens today, the 11th June, at the The Lloyds Club.

“Conscientia” offers a journey through Latin American consciousness and the historical, political and cultural developments that have shaped it. Three overlapping forms of consciousness permeate the exhibition: the spiritual, which underpins so much of Latin American existence; the rational, which shapes how life is governed; and the emotional, which drives self-expression.

Latin American spirituality reflects a myriad of influences. The nature-based faiths of ancient civilisations and indigenous tribes melded with Christianity, European values and animist beliefs from Africa. This unique mix has provoked a wonderfully rich and diverse strand of art production in which spiritual themes, like mysticism, life, death, life after death, the question of God’s existence, form a key focus for colonial art and continues to influence modern and contemporary art.

The post-colonial period in Latin America brought great expectations for a better future, coupled to an impulse to unravel colonial systems. But the euphoria of independence and the consequent feeling of empowerment were short-lived. Many countries faced economical struggle followed by military interventions and
authoritarianism. Yet these forces generated a critical and profound questioning and inspired a continuous struggle to create, modify and reshape reality. Powerful political and social currents therefore interweave with the many spiritual influences to create uniquely engaging and thought-provoking works of art.

Despite significant differences in the history and economic development of its countries, Latin America displays a marked cultural cohesion. The distinguishing quality of its peoples and artistic output is a passionate expressiveness, which can be seen as an indivisible trinity of joy, melancholy and drama. This energy has attracted global attention to Latin American art and is set to further broaden its influence.

Featured artists: Beatriz Milhazes, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Cipriano Martinez, Emilia Sunyer, Jaime Gili, Hen Coleman, Jakeline Londono, Laura Belém, Maria de Lima, Oscar Santillan, Pato Bosich, Pablo Ferretti, Raquel Schembri, Ricardo Rendón, Rivane Neuenschwander, Santiago Montoya, Sylvia Morgado and Yara Tupynambá.

“Conscientia”, group show with Pablo Ferretti
From 11th June to 10th September
Opening hours: exhibition opens every Friday 4pm – 6pm or by appointment 09am to 12pm and 3pm to 5pm

The Lloyds Club
42 Crutched Friars, EC3N 2AP
Admission: exhibition free; charges may apply for some events (please check website for details)
Transport: Tower Hill, Aldgate, Fenchurch Street

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