Opening of “Volteador-de-Salão”, by Renato Pera

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Renato Pera created “Volteador-de-Salão”, an great dimension image set to cover the wall of the Galeria Tato façade, to be opened Saturday the 21st, from noon to 4pm.

“Volteador-de-Salão” is a great dimension wallpaper applied as wheat paste on the outside wall, facing the public space. The image was made out to be extremely photogenic, but at the same time transmitting a melancholy idea, a falling bird or a “rain” of birds, to work as allegory for a state of decay. It was taken from a commercial, pseudo-scientific publication about birds that aimed to describe a sort of pigeon that cannot fly. The work integrates Renato Pera‘s investigation on a search for fictions stemming from ordinary, everyday elements.

“Volteador-de-Salão” opening, by Renato Pera
Saturday, 21st June
From noon to 4pm

Galeria Tato
Rua Mateus Grou 576, Pinheiros

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