Opening | “Territórios e Capitais: extinções”, solo exhibition by Lourival Cuquinha

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Lourival Cuquinha opens today, the 14th June, his solo exhibition in MAM Rio: “Território e Capitais: extinções” [“Territories and Capitals: extinctions”]. The show is curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio and Marta Mestre.

“Territórios e Capitais: extinções” is a project by Pernambuco-based artist Lourival Cuquinha who uses money as media as the incestuous relationships between capital, culture and the worn-out national ideas as theme. With his usual critical irreverence, he explores the always inaccurate borders between art and politics, art and market, art and nationalism, art and territory, art and value.

The artist presents a series of flags made with real money bills from different places in the world, among other works, all of them produced between 2008 and 2014. The exhibition highlight is the “Zeitgeist” installation, where a great tridimensional asterisk is formed by stems made with Brazilian five cents coins. “Everything in this exhibition relates to the idea of value. Value of work as much as value of market; the ideological value in flags and territories; the value in pieces and the attributed value in artworks”, explains the artist.

Simultaneous to the World Cup, a moment when football ceases from being a popular party to become a rather authoritarian space of power – FIFA standard -, bringing up national symbols, money made flags, points out relationships of strength and submission. In the same manner capital circulates freely over national borders, football and art, made to entertain, circulate without geographical restrictions or fixed identities.

This project by Cuquinha comes from his experience living in London, in the prime of the financial party, before 2008, and has as basis some provocative questions: how to rethink values and multiply the circulation capacity in new production, solidarity ways? How to transform the creative resisting 1% for the 99% that are flabbergasted in the margins? Ultimately, how to deterritorialise and decapitalize the football and art party so it can belong to anyone and no one?

“Territórios e capital: extinções”, by Lourival Cuquinha
Opening: Saturday 14th June from 3pm to 6pm (performances by Juvenil Silva and Catariana Dee Jah at 4.30pm)
On view from 14th June to 17th August
Visiting: Tuesdays to Fridays, 12am to 6pm; weekends and holidays from 11am to 7pm
Free admission

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