Opening | “Volúpia Construtiva”, group exhibition with Luciano Zanette and Mayana Redin

(Porto Alegre, Brazil)

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Rio Grande do Sul (MAC-RS) opens tonight the 27th, at 7pm the exhibition “Volúpia Construtiva – Prazer e Ordenamento em Desenho sobre Papel no Acervo do MAC-RS” [“Constructive Voluptiousness – Drawing Pleasure and Planning in the MAC-RS Collection”], presenting 32 artists from the museum collection, among historical works and recent aquisitions, at the Sotero Cosme gallery.

About the exhibition (original words by Eduardo Veras):
Not rarely are drawing and the act of drawing associated to free creative expression. There is a sort of venture – a pleasure, a joy – in the experience of basically taking a pencil in hand and making it run the blank space. It is also uncommon for drawing to be understood as one of the most efficient ways for formulating and developing an idea.

Drawing plays a huge role in building thoughts. Not by chance, it presents itself like a synonym for project. What is most strange is that these two forces – the glory of creating images on paper and the virtue in intellectual elaboration – are perceived in alignment, towards the same meaning. That explains the name of the exhibition.

“Volúpia construtiva” takes a look at how, in the same field, vectors that apparently would be opposite often combine. This assumption emerges from a research next to the Museum’s collection. It does not correspond to an exhaustive survey of the collection drawing sector, neither is it a panorama of the region’s artistic production in regards to this category or its multiple possibilities. The show proposes a perspective that symbolizes familiarity – sometimes strained – between creative voluptiousness and constructive planning.

Featured artists: Alexandre Copês, Alexandre Moreira, Ananda Kuhn, Anico Herskovits, Carlos Asp, Dudi Maia Rosa, Eduardo Haesbaert, Eduardo Kickhöfel, Eduardo Nasi, Edu Oliveira, Elaine Tedesco, Elloar Guazzelli Filho, Gerson Reichert, Gisela Waetge, Guilherme Dable, Jailton Moreira, Jander Rama, João Luiz Roth, Jorge Menna Barreto, León Ferrari, Luciano Zanette, Márcia Tiburi, Marcos Fioravante, Marta Penter, Mayana Redin, Milton Kurtz, Rogério Livi, Roseli Jahn, Snia Laboiriau, Tadao Ando, Teresa Poester, Viviane Pasqual

“Volúpia Construtiva – Prazer e Ordenamento em Desenho sobre Papel no Acervo do MACRS”, com Luciano Zanette e Mayana Redin
Opening: 27th June, 7pm
On view through 10th August
Visiting: Mondays, from 2pm to 7pm; Tuesdays to Fridays, from 10am to 7pm; Weekends and Holidays, from 12am to 7pm

Galeria Sotero Cosme do MAC-RS
5th floor in Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana
Rua dos Andradas, 736
T: 55 51 3221-5900 |
Free admission

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