PIPA 2014 | All artists pages now created and updated

After meeting some of this year’s first-time nominees and catching up with previously nominated artists, now all the PIPA 2014 first-time nominees, a total of 41 (more than half of the nominees), have pages here on the website. This means information and artwork images by seven artists nominated this year for the first time are now available on our website. They can send in all sort of data about them, this includes not just a CV or visual documentation of their work, but also curatorial texts and interviews.

This week we created pages for the following artists:

Clara Ianni

Clara‘s work is characterized by a critique on contemporary society through the investigation of the relations between art, politics, history and ideology. Her work makes use of different media such as installation, intervention, sculpture and video.

Fabia Schnoor

Born in Rio, where she lives and works, Fabia Schnoor’s education comprehends different areas, such as visual arts, ceramics, art and education, as well as design. In 2009, she starts her studies on History and Time: the History and Culture of Memory, with Prof. Margarida de Souza Neves at PUC-RJ, which was the basis for the development of her interdisciplinary research on memory.

Ronald Duarte

Rio-based, Duarte has a masters degree in Visual Languages (EBA/UFRJ), visual action artist, in recent years performing contemporary art actions and happenings. Works specifically with urban urgency, what needs to be done, said, exposed, viewed; “here and now”.

Runo Lagomarsino

Born in Malmö, Sweden and working between his hometown and São Paulo, Runo Lagomarsino has featured in several exhibitions all over Europe. His oeuvre has travelled form Portugal do Spain, from Germany to Norway.

Waleska Reuter

Waleska Reuter studied Industrial Design but was graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Brasília, in 1997. Afterwards, she studied Anatomy at the Medicine Department and reaffirmed her fascination for the human body, which led her to develop a research on Sculpture.

Willian Santos

Santos says his research “is like quicksand, it is always in constant transit, from the search for references to the intentions of exchange with the audience. This movement arises from a process of self provocation with intent of creating different work methods, avoiding a style or a repetitive procedure, which requires me to think of extremes.”

Yana Tamayo

Yana is PhD student on Poetics in Contemporary Visual Arts Program at Universidade de Brasilia. Master degree of Fine Arts at the same institution and Program of Post-graduation at Universidade de Brasilia (2009). Master on Teoría y Práctica en Artes Plásticas Contemporáneas at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain (2006). Since 2013 has been working on specific curatorial projects.

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