“Pouco a pouco” | Solo exhibition by Marilá Dardot

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Contemporary artist Marilá Dardot is on view with the solo exhibition “Pouco a pouco” [“Little by little”], at the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim gallery.

Curated by Glória Ferreira, the show presents artworks in medias such as installation, video, painting and sculpture, having as axis colour, geometry, time and literature. Born in Belo Horizonte, MG but based in São Paulo, the artist displays nine workings dating from 2002 to 2014, making this her biggest solo exhibition in the last six years.

One of the installations comprised in “Pouco a pouco” is “Avant et après la lettre”: a book is laid over a pile of little sentence fragments that seem to be either entering or leaving it. These many book fragments cover almost the whole of the exhibition space floor. The installation was originally made for the Chateau de Rentilly library, at Parc Culturel de Rentilly, France, 2011. The French saying “avant la lettre” means “before a definitive state; before its whole development” or “before the term existence”.

About the artist:
Marilá Dardot‘s oeuvre is based on some assumptions. Firstly, it is supported by a strong belief in writing as humanistic and affective trigger that replaces us before ourselves, others and the world. The chosen angle does not focus on a thorough study of language and speech through a structuralist or post-structuralist bias, but in the poetic potential in cracks, pauses, in the volume and sensuality of the writting universe (the book as an object of desire and affection, chapters, text spacing, meaning, word and sentence collections).” — Cristiana Tejo in “Escrita, Afetividade e Colaboração” [“Writing, Affection and Collaboration”]

“Pouco a pouco”, solo show by Marilá Dardot
Curated by Glória Ferreira
5th June to 17th August

Galeria da Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim
Avenida Vieira Souto 176, Ipanema
+55 21 2332 2017
Visiting hours: Tues-Sun, 1am-9pm

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