“Quadrado mágico” | Solo exhibition by Felipe Barbosa

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Felipe Barbosa presents since the 7th June a solo exhibition called “Quadrado mágico” [“Magic square”], his first at Sergio Gonçalves Galeria, which represents him. In it, Barbosa creates a dialogue between mathematical games and art, overthrowing the objects meaning by reinstating them among geometric shapes and symbols, which have inspired the artist in the 16 pieces shown.

For Felipe Barbosa, magic squares carry a certain hidden connection with numbers, where he seeks a relationship with the objects of his choice, in a work where overlays get geometric shapes. Such as the series of hexagonal boards with tokens and banners from the 1960s, among other materials, everything has an artistic status in Barbosa’s work. “Like Sufis and Pythagorians, I believe numbers and their symmetries, like magic squares, represent the stages of creation, so I try and play with abstract and create a new world of possibilities with my art”, says the artist.

The magic square has also been referenced in Brazilian football, like the Brazilian attacking team was called in the 2006 World Cup. With Kaká and Ronaldinho Gaúcho in the centre, Ronaldo and Adriano at the attack, the four players firepower was believed the most valueble in the world. Even football becomes art in Felipe Barbosa’s hands.

Known for the way he deconstructed and then reframed the very football, now Barbosa puts together different team shirts, great field rivals, but together in football art. The work “Camisa Brasileira” [“Brazilian Shirt”] is the first in this new series, thal in itself arouses collectors used to artworks that consisted on sewn footballs.

Another new thing in this exhibition are shuttlecocks, used in Badminton, a rarely practised sport in Brazil, but very popular among the British. In the artworks, Barbosa puts them together as he has previously done with pencils, pens, matches and parasols. In this piece, he creates new ways of expression in which serializing units taken as futile, when made, remade and place in order to shape new objects, completely dysfunctional, make up a new use between industrial and ready-made.

“Quadrado mágico”, solo exhibition by Felipe Barbosa
On view until the 27th July
Tuesdays to Fridays, 11am to 7pm
Saturdays 11am to 6pm

Sergio Gonçalves Galeria
Rua do Rosário, 38 Centro
tel. +55 21 2263-7353 / 2253-0923

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