Sandra Cinto displays installations in solo show “La otra orilla”

(Canary Islands, Spain)

The Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria presents the exhibition “La otra orilla” [“The other shore”], by Sandra Cinto, which can be visited through the 21st September.

The show gathers three large installations that represent Sandra’s particular look on the link between Brazil and Latin America to Europe and, more precisely, to the Canary Islands. They are pieces produced for CAAM that reflect the three medias most used in her work: painting, sculpture, drawing and site-specific installations, the three languages that sustain her artistic production.

Sandra Cinto is one of the great innovative drawing artists in the Latin American art context, where she stood out for her way of expanding the media until a position where it dialogues to painting and sculpture. From drawing, she intervenes graphically in architectural spaces, objects or any image, that become hybrid.

In her work, explains curator David Barro, “we move between seduction and tragedy, between attraction to beauty and the awareness of the wounds in this journey. Sandra Cinto gives visual shape to the hardship that is transitioning through life, surviving. In that way, she draws oceans that are borders, emotional landscapes that answer metaphorically to this hard task that is going from one place to another. In many cases waves look like hills, other borders, nonetheless natural and immeasurable. Oceans that are walls. Sometimes oceans that are bridges, and the borders widen, humanize, allowing a cross to the other shore. Nature becomes culture”.

Sandra Cinto‘s art, adds Barro, “is a way of resisting, an utopia of what is beautiful, just, social. Her works define an abismal experience, insisting on a series of themes, even though the aspiration is never fulfilled, it does not undermines hope. Sandra Cinto’s landscapes are an invitation to losing oneself in the beauty of the immeasurable.”

“La otra orilla”, solos show by Sandra Cinto
From 12th June to 21st September
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm; Sundays from 10am to 2pm.
Closed Mondays and holidays

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