“Seu lugar é aqui, seu momento é agora”, solo exhibition by Daniel Escobar

(Porto Alegre, Brazil)

The solo exhibition “Seu lugar é aqui, seu momento é agora” [“Your place is here, your moment is now”] by artist Daniel Escobar and curated by Daniela Labra is on view in Porto Alegre.

The show is part of the RS Contemporâneo project and will occupy the second floor of Santander Cultural. Those visiting the show can also see the exhibition “O Tamanho do Mundo” [“The Size of the World”, by Vik Muniz, set on the first floor.

“Daniel Escobar’s research is set where the artwork overflow to his practical life is the reason of the work. Inside a tradition started in the 1960s, his proposals manage to operate real interventions on the world. In this individual the group of works comes from a research on the resourcefullness of real estate speculation advertising. For several months Escobar examined folders of real estate launchings in Porto Alegre and mapped the campaign characteristics that offer perfect places to live in an unreal pleasant city, sunny and green. From this material, the artist selected slogans to use them in works and even on the exhibition name. Here, mechanisms that flood the imaginary with promises of excelence, happiness and exclusivity amidst massification and annulment of critical consciences are parodied.” (Daniela Labra)

About the artist

Born in Santo Ângelo, RS, lives and works in Porto Alegre, RS. PIPA 2014 nominee.

It has been a while since questions related to publicity and visual communications devices present in the urban scenes are part of the Daniel Escobar´s artistic repertoire. In the context of his work, elements such as posters and billboard signs, pamphlets, maps and travel guides, painted signs, banners or light signs, articulate themselves generating a group of possible representations for the urban landscape, thinking not only about what they might express about the physical conditions of those spaces, but also the eloquent way in which they reveal a landscape driven by desires and inhabited by consumption dreams. The works are produced from the appropriation of materials filled with meaning in themselves, in which a succession of interferences or even dislocations create twists that modify these senses or aggregate new ones to the already existing senses. The artist always creates some situation that leads to testing these materials or circuits limits, knowing to what extent they resist, to establish another visualization time or other involvement levels with these images, information or structures.

“Seu lugar é aqui, seu momento é agora”, solo show by Daniel Escobar
Curated by Daniela Labra
From 4th June to 13th July
Free admission

Santander Cultural
Rua Sete de Setembro, 1.028
Centro Histórico. Porto Alegre, RS

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