Unusual photographs by Renan Cepeda are displayed in exhibition “Wave”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The solo show “Wave” by Renan Cepeda is currently on view at Galeria Tempo.
The eyes can no longer see this light that carioca (born in Rio) Renan Cepeda dogs for over two decades, investigating the limits of the infrared radiation that makes up the spectrum of light. This invisible frequency that lets you explore haunting and dreamlike results on the predominantly natural landscape profile of Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro).

Born in Rio de Janeiro from a Portuguese family, Renan Cepeda started taking black and white pictures at the age of 11. In the 80s, his experience was enriched with photojournalism at the newspaper Jornal do Brasil. Cepeda has collaborated in the most important Brazilian newspapers and magazines and held the position of correspondent for the French agency SIPA-Presse. Having his full time now devoted to the fine art photography, Renan Cepeda has been recognized for his artistic research on unusual photographic techniques such as infrared photography and light painting.

Renan Cepeda was nominated for PIPA in 2012. Visit his page to view a video interview and to learn more about the artist.

“Wave” | Renan Cepeda

Exhibition: 17 April – 07 July, 2014

Galeria Tempo
Av. Atlantica, 1782 Loja E – Copacabana
(21) 2255-4586

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