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New on PIPA Online 2014 | Main prize includes a Sacatar artist residency

The PIPA Online this year features changes to promote even more PIPA participating artists.
This year there will be 2 award categories in the PIPA Online.
The first will be called PIPA Online, and the winner will be chosen, by a Jury, among the five most voted in the second round. The winner of this category will receive R$10,000 in addition to a residency program at Sacatar Foundation, in Bahia, Brazil.
In the other award category entitled PIPA Popular Vote Online, wins the most voted in the second round of PIPA Online, who will receive R$5,000.
One goal of these changes is the improvement of PIPA websites, in partnership with artists, increasing domestic and international visibility. With this in mind, one of the parameters that the Jury will use to decide the winner of PIPA Online, will be the quality of the artist’s page on the Prize’ s websites (profile pages with more data and information).
As in previous years, the PIPA Online is open to all nominees of the current edition.
The vote of the 1st round of PIPA Online will begin on July 20th.
Learn more about the reasons for the creation of this new award category, the artist residency program of Sacatar Foundation and the new rules.

New nominated artists interviews | André Griffo and André Santangelo

Every PIPA 2014 nominated artist is invited to record an interview with exclusivity. The aim is to allow the public to know a bit more about each artist, their oeuvre, line of thought and work methodology. Each interviewee answers to a question proposed by a Nominated Committee member – organ in charge of nominating artists for the Prize.
In his interview, André Griffo answers to a question by Beatriz Milhazes: “How do you develop your working process? Do you try a dialogue or is it only discussion?”
As well as answering the question, Griffo shows objects in his studio and explains that some of them he acquired even without properly knowing how to use them in his work. The artist says he started his career through sculpture, then migrated to drawing and painting.
André Santangelo replies to the same question by Beatriz, explaining that there is a dialogue with language – both with painting and photography – but it is also a discussion, as “it is always a challenge, always like an exposed nerve”.
Watch the interviews.

Schedule | From 5th to 11th July

Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

This week at MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Visitors can see the exhibitions “Américas”, a solo by Arjan Martins, and Marcantonio Vilaça Funarte 2013 Acquisitions Prize, with works by Eduardo Coimbra, Fabio Baroli, Luiza Baldan and other artists contemplated by the Prize. Still on view are Lourival Cuquinha’s solo show “Territórios e capital: extinções” and “Alimentário”, which focuses on the traditions, stories and values behind Brazil’s gastronomy. See the full Museum schedule for this week and plan your visit.

Carla Guagliardi presents solo show in German gallery

(Berlin, Germany) In “Fuga” [“Escape”], we see Carla Guagliardi’s interest in natural science and cyclic rather than linear conception of time—reinforced by the overwhelming exuberance of nature in Brazil, which prevaricates the immediacy of urban digital culture—has put her in the role of facilitator for balance, gravity, pressure and tension to act as the main agents for her sculpture and installations.

Group exhibition gathers Latin American art in New York

(New York, USA) Featuring nearly 50 works including installations, mixed-media works, paintings, photographs, sculptures, videos, and works on paper, “Under the Same Sun” surveys the most significant contemporary art practices in Latin America today. The artworks are organized according to the following themes: “Conceptualism and its legacies”, “Tropicologies”, “Political Activism”, “Modernism and its failures” and “Participation/Emancipation”. Adriano Costa, Carla Zaccagnini, Erika Verzutti, Jonathas de Andrade, Runo Lagomarsino and Tamar Guimarães participate.

Fabio Morais and Rosana Ricalde participate in “Mind the Map”

(Moss, Norway) This group exhibition which also includes works by names such as Vik Muniz, Joyce Kozloff and Susan Stockwell integrates the celebrations of the 200th Norwegian constitution anniversary. Archival maps from around the time of the Moss Convention signing (a peace treaty between Sweden and Norway) are combine to contemporary artworks.

Mexican group exhibition “The Theater of the World” has works by Marcelo Cidade

(Mexico City, Mexico) “The Theater of the World” means to show the works of artists who use architecture as a place for social and political representations. Alexánder Apostol, Pablo Hare, Olivia Plender and Kostis Velonis are some of the featured artists in this exhibition that reflects on the world as stage, where the monuments, palaces, ruins and social housing projects coexist and renovate under the same façade of nation and apparent development.

Eduardo Coimbra, Fabio Baroli and Luiza Baldan on view at MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) As winner of the Marcantonio Vilaça Funarte 2013 prize, now MAM-Rio owns artworks by Carlos Belivacqua, Eduardo Coimbra, Ernesto Neto, Guilherme Dable, Fábio Baroli, Jimson Vilela, João Modé and Luiza Baldan, bringing to the public two distinct artistic generations with a exquisite set of works, thus qualifying the Museum collection.

Opening | “Vânia Mignone + René Francisco Rodríguez – Pinturas”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The exhibition brings to the public the works of two artists that are opposite to each other while at the same time making up a complement by being observed together. Each one depicts their world in a certain manner, but have in common a sort of external observer look, an almost constant presence in both their oeuvres.

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