Daily Archives: July 5, 2014

Group exhibition examines Chico da Silva’s oeuvre

(Fortaleza, Brazil) Eduardo Frota, Júlio Leite, Lourival Cuquinha, Solon Ribeiro and Yuri Firmeza are some of the artists featured in “A realidade do sonho” [“The reality of dreams”], a group exhibition comprising 55 pieces that offer a free way of observing and understanding through relationships that amplify and update the matters in Chico da Silva’s work, instead of a chronological narrative. The artworks in this show become key in presenting universal themes, contemporary life and in putting visitors in a game of metaphysics meaning, making up an imagetic poem that modifies rational logic.

Last days | Exhibition with the 2013 Art and Heritage Prize winners

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Beto Shwafaty, Gisele Camargo and Paulo Almeida are some of the contemporary artists who are currently on view for the 2013 Art and Heritage Prize group exhibition. In order to participate, artists had to create a work under the theme “art and heritage” and the 40 who were selected received an award in the sum of 50 thousand reais.

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