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Group exhibition celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) “Distrações da Memória: O Museu Como Modo de Rever o Mundo” [“Memory Distractions: The Museu as a Way of Reviewing the World” brings to the public the large museum collection, with 160 works by artists such as Camila Sposati, Daniel Escobar, Dirnei Prates, Mayana Redin, Pablo Lobato and Rommulo Vieira Conceição. The aim is to raise discussions on the ways, distractoins and detours that legitimate the artistic field.

Group show on view at MAM-Rio focuses on Brazilian cuisine

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Amilcar Packer, Caetano Dias, Caio Reisewitz, Erika Verzutti, Hector Zamora, Lenora de Barros, Matheus Rocha Pitta, Paulo Nazareth and Paulo Nimer Pjota are some of the names participating in the group show “Alimentário”. “The curatorial strategy was to display a suggestive portrait of how the food and culinary universe contributed to the visual constitution of Brazilian imaginary today”, says curator Jacopo Crivelli Visconti

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