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See this week’s video interviews: Alexandre Vogler, Alice Miceli and Arthur Scovino

This week we posted three new exclusively-made video interviews with 2014 PIPA nominees.
In his interview, Alexandre Vogler points that most of the public institutions collections end up being collections adapted from private ones, and says he is afraid of that, as the motivations that lead to creating a private collection are often based on personal taste, investment issues, etc.
Alice Miceli, on the other hand, speaks of her work methodology – “the way I work involves projects and very dense research. There are several issues that come up in the process of drafting a work” -, comments on a project she has developed in Chernobyl and also reveals that her next work will explore contaminated minefields.
Arthur Scovino, a first time nominee, tells us about his relationship with the city of Salvador, to where he moved in 2009 “to research and live art intensely like an art residency in Bahia. Only it was real. I had no plans of ever going back to Rio de Janeiro. So I wanted to turn this project into my own life, which was to become a typical Bahia native.”

Schedule | 12th to 18th July

Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

MAM-Rio | See this week’s programme

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Currently on view at Rio’s Museum of Modern Art are two solo exhibitions: Lourival Cuquinha’s “Territórios e capital” and Arjan Martins’ “Américas”. Group shows “Alimentário”, “Prêmio Aquisições” and the permanent shows “Genealogias do Contemporâneo” and “MAM: Its history, its heritage” can also be experienced by visitors. See the full Museum schedule for this week and plan your visit.

See galleries and artists participating in the Est Art Fair 2014

(Estoril, Portugal) The first edition of the fair welcomes 35 galleries coming from nine different countries. Focusing on “Drawing”, in its widest sense, as the primary theme of Est Art Fair 2014, will emphasize it as a practice crossing over multiple art mediums, and constituting some of the most flexible artistic practices. The theme will also be developed by curatorial projects and proposed to all Galleries participating in this year’s edition.

Henrique Oliveira presents “Baitogogo” in Paris

(Paris, France) Creating a spectacular and invasive Gordian Knot, Henrique Oliveira plays with exhibition space architecture, allowing a work that combines the vegetal and the organic to emerge. The building itself becomes the womb that produces this volume of “tapumes” wood, a material used in Brazilian towns to construct the wooden palisades that surround construction sites.

“Ten thousand wiles and a hundred thousand tricks”, last part of Meeting Points 7 | With Runo Lagomarsino

(Moscow, Russia) The last chapter of “Meeting Points 7” takes place in Moscow with the exhibition “Ten thousand wiles and a hundred thousand tricks”, where the works of Runo Lagomarsino and other 20 artists are presented in the unique location of a working scientific institution that does not lend itself easily to the demands of the white cube, but neither to site-specificity rooted in its physical location or the temporality of its scientific, cultural and political roles.

“To see what is coming”, group exhibition with public performances, film screenings and publications

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “To see what is coming” presents a duplicity of senses in the attempt of anticipating the future while simultaneously letting yourself be amazed by it. It is a bet on leaving the kingdom of the absolute present, the web of uniformity, considering there are various times in one, sharing different worlds of experiences, made dense and in visual contamination. Includes works by Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima, Laura Lima, Matheus Rocha Pitta, Pablo Ferretti, Rodolpho Parigi and Luiz Roque.

“Dialogues with Palatnik”, group exhibition with Paulo Nenflídio and Rodrigo Andrade

(São Paulo, Brazil)Felipe Scovino curates this exhibition with 39 works by 26 different artists related to the retrospective of Abraham Palatnik work. The show walks through two different paths that are typical of the artist: the capability of amplifying properties on painting – and also on constructive art – and using crafts in a way of creating a particular meaning about what the inventor’s idea is in visual arts.

“Poente”, site-specific installation by Felipe Cohen

(São Paulo, Brazil) The invitation into walking over the flooded landscape that occupies the Chapel interior almost immediately refers to the biblical passage where Christ walks on water. This ghost reflection also brings up the passage narrated by Matthew in the Bible. The religion theme is reppeated in the 2008 piece “Anunciação”, now presented in the Chapel Baptistry where the artist enacts communion with a glass placed on the floor, with a lamp hanging from the ceiling.

MAM-Rio | July programme

Exhibitions Lourival Cuquinha – Territórios e capital: extinções 14 June – 17 August | curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio and Marta Mestre Um dos artistas mais inovadores da cena pernambucana contemporânea. Suas instalações, vídeos e performances articulam a vitalidade da cultura urbana e popular às tensões sociais que permeiam a realidade brasileira e nordestina. Nos…

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