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PIPA 2014 | Interview with nominee Ivan Grilo

Ivan Grilo tells us how he has been reconsidering his relationship to photography and answers to the question proposed by critic and curator Alejandra Muñoz: “In general, in your activity, how does a new art project start?”
Grilo explains that a process ends up being closely connected to another and that the great pleasure in his line of work is to see that connection.
As an example, the artist tells us that last year he was elaborating an artwork that was connected to fog and dimming things. “I was kind of obsessed with this fog thing, and I ended up discovering that there is a story of a king in Portugal who disapperared in the fog, king Sebastian.”
Watch the video.

André Severo and Runo Lagomarsino participate in group show on the role of walking

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) “Liberdade em movimento” [“Moving freedom”] examines the act of walking in the arts, its many unfoldings and possibilities. The exhibition, curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti, gathers artworks by Lygia Clark, Francis Alÿs, Artur Barrio and many others. Taking tension beyond action and register, Barrio comes up with the extreme experience in “4 dias 4 noites” [“4 days 4 nights”], where the artist wanders through Rio streets over the period of time that named the work, in search of an immersion on reality, just by inscribing his body in the trajectory and following immediate impulses.

Vânia Mignone on view with exhibition “Pinturas”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Alongside Cuban artists René Francisco Rodríguez, curated by Hans-Michael Herzog, the exhibition proposes a contrast between the works of the two artists that at the same time complement each other if analysed together. Each one’s oeuvre is a different perpsective of the world, however in both there is always an external observer.

How to vote on PIPA Online 2014

In pursuit of a constant improvement of the Award, we decided to make the online version even more relevant and qualified, splitting PIPA Online into two categories: PIPA Online and PIPA Popular Vote Online. All the nominees were invited to participate for the online awards. You will find a “vote box” on the artists’ pages who are participating. To vote is easy, you have only to click “like” on your favorites artists.
The voting will be decided in two rounds, but to move to the second round the artist need 500 votes at least.
Read all the details about PIPA Online 2014 and how to vote.

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