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Solo show marks Zezão’s return to the São Paulo art circuit

(São Paulo, Brazil) By bringing colour into outcast places, his oeuvre gained a political-social dimension acknowledged by critics and curators around the world. Placing himself in the border between rude and poetic, Zezão presents at his individual at Zipper a large installation, paintings and objects and discuss the limits between urban life and contemporary art.

Group exhibition focuses on the potential in drawing

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) Featuring artworks by Luciano Zanette and Mayana Redin, among 30 others, the exhibition “Volúpia Construtiva” [Constructive Voluptiousness”] is the result of a research next to the Museum’s collection. According tot the curator, “the show proposes a perspective that symbolizes familiarity – sometimes strained – between creative voluptiousness and constructive planning”.

Laura Vinci | PIPA 2014 nominated artist interview

In this interview artist Laura VInci, nominated for PIPA 2014, answers a question by critic and curator Renata Azambuja: “Do you work alone or collectively?”
The artist explains her process involves both things. “I work alone and collectively. I work in a studio, which is quite lonely. I don’t sharing with other people, I like being alone, it is a moment when I can concentrate and organize ideas. Then my work becomes totally collective, because I depend on other people from different fields, sometimes an engineer, a welder, a carrier…”
Vinci, who also works with stage design and art direction for theatre, tells us how her work “Palavras Congeladas” [Frozen Words] was built, and that she always carries on her a notebook to write down ideas that, if persist, can become a work.

Group exhibition proposes critic questionings over the World Cup mascot

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “Armadillo: Soccer, Adversity and the Culture of the Caatinga” establishes itself from the point of view of the living creature itself. The imaginary of the caatinga, of the armadillo and of the ball conducts itself here through the perspective of the adversity that governs the history of Brazil. Art and cultural artefacts roam the bright and hot ecosystem of the caatinga, the armadillo in the mythology of indigenous societies, the symbolic and political invention of the sertão. Julio Leite, Lenora de Barros, Tony Camargo, Rodrigo Braga, Pablo Lobato and many others feature in this exhibition.

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