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“Tcharafna”, solo exhibition by Gui Mohallem curated by Paulo Miyada

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The series exhibited at this show deals, at the same time, with issues related to historical conflicts and also with strong emblems of the local culture. 
“On this stage of my research, I am looking for a non-idealized relationship with the other”, the artist explains. “Tcharafna” is a sequel to his series “Welcome Home”, which became a start for a new view. “After the experience with the series ‘Welcome Home’, I was hoping to find a new path, more complex, where the concept of belonging wasn’t seen as a sort of paradise. After finding a place to call home at a pagan sanctuary, I found the grounds to make the most important decision: to investigate the cultural roots of my family”, Mohallem analyses.
The title of the current series is a greeting expression similar to “nice to meet you”.

PIPA 2014 nominee interview: Virgílio Neto

Carrying on with the interviews with the PIPA 2014 nominees, we now release a talk with Virgílio Neto.
Born in capital Brasília, where he lives and works, Neto was nominated for the first time in 2013.
In this interview he answers the following question, by critic and curator Alejandra Muñoz: “How do you choose the predominant themes in your work?”
“I think it is natural that an artist wants to say something, he is often not sure about but he has to say it. The point is not exactly the term I guess, but the way you treat it. The way you do it or bring up a topic.”
“Eu acho que é natural, o artista ele quer falar alguma coisa, que muitas vezes ele não sabe o que ele quer falar, mas ele tem que falar. A questão não é necessariamente o tema, mas a forma como você trata. A forma como você faz aquilo emergir.”

“Here on the inside!”, solo show by Nazareno opens today at Luciana Caravello gallery

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The nine works showed at this exhibition portray architectural and other subtle elements using drawings, words and images where the spectator will get in touch with traces of conversations that might as well have occurred at a living room, or a bedroom, or a kitchen – there is a whole repertoire of references to interior spaces and what happens inside them; sometimes that is shown in a straight-forward way, others have the need for accessories, such as magnifying lens or reflections, in order to make what’s inside completely visible. Nazareno wants to make the visitor imagine what could be the meaning of being “inside”. “What is it to be inside a place, inside a subject?”

Opening | “E o dia havia acabado, quando começou”, solo show by Maria Klabin

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Maria Klabin opens “E o dia havia acabado, quando começou” [“And the day had ended, when it began”], her first solo exhibition in three years. It comprises 12 small scale artworks that will be on view through 23rd August. Unlike in 2011, when she used beach landscapes as stage for a study about time and movement, the new phase the artist is entering addresses a long narrative in which characters appear indoors, in social and intimate situations, and in corporative, exhibition spaces.

Last days | “A Realidade do sonho”, with Eduardo Frota, Júlio Leite, Lourival Cuquinha, Solon Ribeiro and Yuri Firmeza

(Fortaleza, Brazil) “It is not about identifying what is being presented as fiction or reality, but acknowledging that this imaginary goes from dream to reality. Like in the novels by Italian writer Luigi Pirandello, published between 1894 and 1934, reflect and express the contrast between what seems to be and what must be, between life and form or even, what is real in the dream and that materializes in body and soul”, says curator Jacqueline Medeiros.

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