Fábia Schnoor | Exclusive PIPA 2014 nominated artist video-interview

Fábia Schnoor is graduated in visual arts, pottery, arts education and design, and this is the first time she has been nominated for PIPA.

In this interview she answers a question proposed by critic and curator Alejandra Muñoz on how does she choose the predominant themes in her work, explaining that often this choice is made through everyday life facts that stimulate her, and in other times she goes after these themes.

The artist says she works a lot with matters of chance and also tells us how it is to work with nankin and comments on the series “Bookworks, dots and lines”.

Fábia speaks of how she enjoys being completely free in her work. “I like to get dirty and have the freedom to occupy this space. I need to put it back in place, in order to start again.”

Watch the video:

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