MAM-Rio | July programme


Lourival Cuquinha – Territórios e capital: extinções
14 June – 17 August | curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio and Marta Mestre

Um dos artistas mais inovadores da cena pernambucana contemporânea. Suas instalações, vídeos e performances articulam a vitalidade da cultura urbana e popular às tensões sociais que permeiam a realidade brasileira e nordestina.
Nos últimos anos tem trabalhado de forma crítica as relações entre arte, mercado e geopolítica, cutucando com irreverência algumas feridas simbólicas do mundo contemporâneo.

Alimentário arte e patrimônio alimentar brasileiro
13 June – 10 August | conceived by Felipe Ribenboim | curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti

Gastronomy holds traditions, stories and values. Through recipes or traditions it is possible to identify cultural, social, environmental, geographical and historical aspects that represent the culture of a certain place or that of a country. The history of food in Brazil is shown in photographs, videos, boards, objects and artworks that tell and illustrate the making of Brazilian cuisine.

Arjan Martins – Américas
3 jul – 24 ago 2014 | curated by Paulo Sergio Duarte | produced by Suzy Muniz Produções

The artist presents paintings that go from portraits of important figures spotted on their day-to-day lives to fragments of images that inhabit the same canvas space, with a straightforward lyricism, often hard or raw, without epic or dramatic narratives, reinventing post-colonial themes, rarely addressed by Brazilian artists.

Prêmio Aquisições Marcantonio Vilaça Funarte 2013
3rd – 27th July 2014 | curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio

The Museum collection – through the Marcantonio Vilaça Funarte Prize – welcomes artworks by Guilherme Dable, Jimson Vilela, João Modé, Luiza Baldan, Carlos Belivacqua, Eduardo Coimbra, Ernesto Neto and Fábio Baroli presenting a set of artworks and artists that represent recent Brazilian art history, thus complementing the collection.

19 July – 21 September | curated by Adriano Pedrosa and Rodrigo Moura | produced by Tisara

The exhibition explores the relationship between art and life in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and early 80s, with Brazilian and particularly Rio art as starting point. The exhibition is divided in other segments, held in different institutions.

Genealogias do Contemporâneo
Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection

Permanent exhibition | curadoria Luiz Camillo Osorio

Completely refurbished in April 2013, the exhibition is divided in: Brasil visions and vertigos, Broken city, Hybrid bodies, Geometric breathings and Dive into the collection – in this edition a group of works by Arlindo Dairbert is presented.

MAM: Its history, its heritage
Permanent exhibition | curated by Elizabeth Catoia Varela

Show about the Museum’s history and architecture.
As well as a model of the Museum’s architectonic set, graphic materials from different periods in time will be present.

Education and Art

Family programme
Sundays 3pm
General public reception for visits to the collection and temporary exhibitions and developing of artistic-educative activities in the indoors and outdoors the Museum. Free for all age groups

Visitas em grupo
ter a sex 13h e 15h grupos até 40 pessoas

Group visits
Tuesdays to Fridays, 1pm and 3pm (groups for up to 40 people)
booking over email:
Programme dedicated to schools, comprising guided tours to the exhibitions, practical activities of awareness and artistic creation. Focused on student groups, NGOs, special education groups and social inclusion groups. Free for all age groups

Wednesdays and weekends, 4pm (groups up to 20 people)
Programme dedicated to spontaneous visiting groups interested in guided tours to the Museum’s exhibitions. Free for all age groups

About “Alimentário”
Wednesday, 30th July at 4pm
Talk with Felipe Ribenboim,”Alimentário” exhibition conceiver.


17th – 27th July | curated by Gilberto Santeiro | programme by Carlos Eduardo Pereira

In the Cinematheque’s anniversary month, the show “Cinematheque Treasures” is traditionally screened, with films from the institution archives. Productions from Canada, the Netherlands, Bolivia, Austria, France, Germany, the USSR, Great Britain, USA and Brazil will be screened; from filmmakers such as King Vidor, Jean-Luc Godard, Sergei Eisenstein, Jorge Sanjinés, David Cronenberg, Júlio Bressane, among others. The retrospective brings great classics of film history and as well as some rarities.

World Cup hours: the Museum will be closed on Brazil match days and/or Maracanã match days.

Wed 2 | Sat 5
4pmEducation and Art group visits

Sun 6
3pm Education and Art family programme
4pm Education and Art group visits

Wed 9 | Sat 12 | Wed 16
4pm Education and Art group visits

Thurs 17
6.30pm Latin session – Dark room: Metegol by Juan José Campanella. Argentina/India/Spain/USA, 2013. 106’. Animation. A young man lives an unexpected adventure with the players of his beloved football team. Free

Fri 18
6.30pm Cinematheque Treasures: Anders als die Andern by Richard Oswald. Germany, 1919. With Conrad Veidt, Alexandra Willegh, Ernest Pittsc. Portuguese subtitles. 50’. DVD copy. First film to openly discuss homossexualism, in the late 1910s.

Sat 19
4pm Education and Art group visits
4pm Cinematheque Treasures: Oktyabr by Sergei Eisenstein. USSR, 1928. With Boris Livanov, Nikolay Popov, Vasili Nikandrov. Portuguese voiceover. 85’. Film history classic about the Soviet Revolution.
6pm Crazy Love by Júlio Bressane. Brazil/Great Britian, 1971. With Rosa Dias, Joca, Luiz Pelé Mendes. 85’. Filmmade during Bressane’s London exile period. According to the director: “I was watching a lot of 1920s French avant-garde filmes and naturally the title mentions Breton”.

Sun 20
3pm Education and Art family programme
4pm Education and Art group visits
4pmCinematheque Treasures: Ukamau by Jorge Sanjinés. Bolívia, 1966. With Nestor Peredo, Benedicta Huanca, Vicente Verneres. Spanish subtitles. 75’. Film spoken in Aymará dialect, with non-professional interpreters, directed by one of the biggest Bolivian filmmmakers.
6pmDie Skorpionfrau by Susanne Zanke. Austria, 1989. With Angelica Domröse, Fritz Hammel, Péter Adorai. Portuguese subtitles. 101’. A Vienna judge who is very forceful at work, but is also libidinous and enjoys sex, dancing and drinking.

Wed 23
4pmEducation and Art group visits

Fri 25
6.30Cinematheque Treasures: Sanshô dayû by Kenji Mizoguchi. Japan, 1954. With Kinuyo Tanaka, Yoshiaki Hanayagi. Portuguese subtitles. 124’. DVD copy. In medieval Japan, a governor is separated from his family and sent to exile.

Sat 26
4pm Education and Art group visits
4pmCinematheque Treasures: Déctetive by Jean-Luc Godard. France, 1985. With Johnny Hallyday, Nathalie Baye, Laurent Terzieff. Portuguese subtitles. 95’. Godard refers to film noir with this story summed by him as: “a woman, two men, a love story, a dead person, a boxing fight and the mafia”.
6pmScanners by David Cronenberg. Canada, 1981. With Jennifer O’Neill, Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan. Portuguese subtitles. 103’. Scientist sends man with extraordinary psychic powers to hunt for others like him.

Sun 27
3pm Education and Art family programme
4pm Education and Art group visits
4pm Cinematheque Treasures: The Champ by King Vidor. USA, 1931. With Wallace Beery, Jackie Cooper, Irene Rich. Portuguese subtitles. 87’. Drama about fighting champion and his son. Best Actor Academy Award for Wallace Beery.
6pm La Reine Margot by Patrice Chéreau. France/Italy/Germany, 1994. With Isabelle Adjani, Daniel Auteuil, Jean- Hugues Anglade. Portuguese subtitles. 162’. The young queen Margot tries to espace an arranged marriage by running away with her beloved one. Cannes Jury Award Prize winner.

qua 30
16h Education and Art: About “Alimentário”

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