New nominated artists interviews | André Griffo and André Santangelo

This week we released two new 2014 PIPA nominees interviews:

André Griffo

Beatriz Milhazes wants to know: “How do you develop your working process? Do you try a dialogue or is it only discussion?”

As well as answering the question, Griffo shows objects in his studio and explains that some of them he acquired even without properly knowing how to use them in his work. The artist says he started his career through sculpture, then migrated to drawing and painting.

Watch the interview:

André Santangelo

In response to Beatriz Milhazes‘ question: “How do you develop your working process? You try a dialogue or is it a discussion?” Santangelo explains that there is a dialogue with language – both with painting and photography – but it is also a discussion, as “it is always a challenge, always like an exposed nerve”.

The artist says that from the amount of installation materials he keeps in his studio he came up with a photography series, with objects like a mattress painted with nankin and five kilometres of nylon. Santangelo tells us he still enjoys photographing the ocean when visiting his family in Rio or friends in Bahia. And that his home in Brasília is next to a large lake, where “you can make some really nice perspectives. Sometimes you can make a pretty cool sea out of a water puddle.”

Watch the interview:

PIPA Videos

Since PIPA’s first edition in 2010, we hire Matrioska Filmes to exclusively produce video-interviews with the nominated artists. In 2014, the Prize’s 5th edition, PIPA still bets on this resource.

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