On view | “Multitude”, group show with Dora Longo Bahia and Lourival Cuquinha

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The international contemporary art project “Multitude” put together exhibitions, performances and debates about crowds. The main axis is the show with over twenty artworks made in different medias by names such as Bruno Vilela, Lourival Cuquinha and Dora Longo Bahia. The curators and conceivers for this exhibition are scenic arts researcher Andrea Caruso Saturnino and artist and researcher Lucas Bambozzi.

Multitude is a contemporary art happening whose confluence is the clash with the term multitude, as developed by Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt with the publication of “Empire” (2000) and that has resulted in a series of books and discussions that renew the understanding of today’s social movements. Heterogeneous, disperse, complex and multidirectional, the multitude has been generating heated debate in the fields of sociology and political science and has also been the theme of a range of artistic works in recent years.

Protests in public squares, occupy movements in major cities and the popular protest that have proliferated in Brazil since 2013 are becoming the focus of discussion in works that incorporate these issues into their creative processes. The project emphasizes Negri’s concept of multitude, discussing forms of resistance to power instituted by the most varied types of minorities – social, sexual, racial. Thinking about the multitude means thinking about ordinary production, observing the ordinary as a set of singularities, unique identities that mutually affect each other, in a process that joins potential as well as dissent.

Assembled in a common area of Sesc Pompeia, the art exhibit is the focus of the Multitude project, which opens with a showing of 20 works using various media and means. Videos, films, photographs, installations, paintings, performances and interactive systems that directly or indirectly reference the multitude in various places around the world show common issues, while also pointing out cultural distinctions and singularities that resist a globalized world.

The artists and researchers gathered discuss the multitude in an analogously unique manner, proposing a field for artistic thought that reverberates the tensions perceived in society, in dialogue with political, social, and philosophical reflections. The set of initiatives planned based on this theme allow for formation of a network that expands with the participation of a vast audience, gathering artivists and activists in spaces that expand and cross between physical and online environments.

As Negri states so well, where we run up against the limits, where we do not practically see more alternatives, it is precisely where creativity and art come in – which have no way of not being revolutionary. One year after the protests of June 2013, in the middle of the period of questionings regarding how representative our candidates are or about the priorities driving the World Cup, faced with the mechanisms of increasingly reinforced civil oppression, it seems pertinent to exercise our perception and air out ideas to continue on constantly aware. It is worth saying that Multitude suggests a “calling” to new forms of understanding of a historical context.

Featuring: Aernout Mik, Ala Younis, Ana Borralho e João Galante, Ana Claudia Banin e Ivan Soffrdini, Angela Melitopoulos, Maurizia Lazzarato, Blast Theory, Bruno Vilela, Coco Fusco, Coletivo EIA, Davilym Dourado, Diego Castro, Dora Longo Bahia, Etcetera, Fabiana Faleiros, Francis Alÿs, Gabriela Golder, Giselle Beiguelman, Gonzalo Lebrija, Grupo de Estudos e Criação em Performance, Gustavo Ferro, Ines Cardoso, João Gomes, Kinguio CasaArtStudio, Kutlug Ataman, Leandro Kats, Lourival Cuquinha, Mark Wallinger, Martin Oesterfeld, Radamés Ajna e Thiago Hersan, Radek Community, Rodrigo Moreira, Roger Bernat, Sérgio Silva, Sueli Espicalquis, Ximena Cuevas, Zona de Poesia Árida

“Multitude”, with Bruno Vilela, Dora Longo Bahia and Lourival Cuquinha
On view through 10th August

Sesc Pompeia
Rua Clélia 93, Pompeia
Tel: (11) 3871-7700

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