Opening | “Vânia Mignone + René Francisco Rodríguez – Pinturas”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Vânia Mignone holds a solo exhibition at Casa Daros, in parallel to Cuban artist René Francisco Rodriguez, both curated by Hans-Michael Herzog and entitled “Pinturas” [“Paintings”].

The exhibition brings to the public the works of two artists that are opposite to each other while at the same time making up a complement by being observed together. Each one depicts their world in a certain manner, but have in common a sort of external observer look, an almost constant presence in both their oeuvres.

“Vânia Mignone + René Francisco Rodríguez – Pinturas”
Opening: 3rd July, from 6 to 10pm
Curated by Hans-Michael Herzog
On view through 10th August

Casa Daros
Rua General Severiano 159, Botafogo
T: +55 21 2138-0850

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