Schedule | 12th to 18th July

The schedule below shows events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members – from all editions -, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art.

To ease your search the events are organized based on what is going on at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro ( MAM-Rio) and by region.
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“Alimentário: arte e patrimônio alimentar brasileiro” | Until 10th August

“Territórios e Capitais: extinções”, by Lourival Cuquinha | Until 17th August

“Américas”, solo exhibition by Arjan Martins | Until 24th August

“Marcantonio Vilaça Funarte 2013 Aquisitions Prize” | Until 28th August

“Genealogias do Contemporâneo” | Long term exhibition

“MAM: Sua história, seu patrimônio” | Long term exhibition


2013 “Arte e Patrimônio” [“Art and Heritage”] Prize Winners | Untli July 15th at Paço ImperialLast days!

“Pelada”, solo exhibition by Leonardo Finotti | Until 17th July at Luciana Caravello Arte ContemporâneaLast days!

“Quadrado mágico”, solo exhibition by Felipe Barbosa | Until 27th July at Sergio Gonçalves Galeria

“Vânia Mignone + René Francisco Rodríguez – Pinturas” | Until 10th August at Casa Daros

“Pintura!”, group show with Bruno Miguel and Danielle Carcav | Until 16th August at Galeria de Arte Meninos de Luz

“Josephine Baker e Le Corbusier no Rio – um caso transatlântico”, with Matheus Rocha Pitta and Laercio Redondo | Until August 17th, at Museu de Arte do Rio

“Pouco a pouco”, solo exhibition by Marilá Dardot | Untl 17th August at Galeria Laura Alvim

“Armadillo: Soccer, Adversity and the Culture of the Caatinga”, with Julio Leite, Lenora de Barros, Pablo Lobato, Rodrigo Braga and Tony Camargo” | Until 21st September, at MAR

Group exhibition “From Valongo to Favela: imaginary and periphery” | Until 15th February at MAR


“Volteador-de-Salão”, artwork by Renato Pera | From 20th June, at Galeria Tato

“Salve!”, solo exhibition by Marcelo Cipis | Until 12th July, at Galeria Emma ThomasLast days!

“Viva Maria”, group exhibition with Gustavo Speridião, Hector Zamora, Pablo Lobato and Traplev | Until 26th July at Luciana Brito Galeria

“Fronteiras Incertas: Arte e Fotografia no Acervo do MAC USP”, with Marcelo Moscheta and Odires Mlászho | Until July 27th, 2014, at MAC USP

“Poente”, site-specific installation by Felipe Cohen | Until 31st July at the Morumbi Chapel

“Retumbante Natureza Humanizada”, solo exhibition by Luiz Braga | Until 3rd August at Sesc Pinheiros

Solo exhibition by Zezão | Until 9th August, at Zipper Galeria

“Dialogues with Palatnik”, group exhibition with Paulo Nenflídio and Rodrigo Andrade | Until 15th August at MAM-SP – Sala Paulo Figueiredo

“Objetos de mobilidade, ações de permanência”, solo by Daniel de Paula | Until August 23rd, at White Cube São Paulo

“Lions and Unicorns”, solo show by Gary Hume | Until 23rd August, at White Cube São Paulo

“Remediações”, Beto Shwafaty’s solo show for the Temporada de Projetos 2014 | Until 7th September at Paço das Artes

“Estratigrafia”, solo exhibition by Érica Ferrari for the Temporada de Projetos 2014 | Until 7th Septemeber at Paço das Artes

Solo shows “Cenário” and “Transarquitetônica”, by Vânia Mignone and Henrique Oliveira | Until 30th November, at MAC USP


“Espera” by Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima at the “Movimento Contemporâneo” exhibition | Until December at Instituto Figueiredo Ferraz in Ribeirão Preto.


“A realidade do sonho”, group show with Eduardo Frota, Júlio Leite, Lourival Cuquinha, Solon Ribeiro and Yuri Firmeza, among others | Until 31st July at Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste

“Carneiro”, group exhibition with Yuri Firmeza | Until 28th September, at Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura


“Seu lugar é aqui, seu momento é agora”, solo show by Daniel Escobar | Until 13th July at Santander CulturalLast days!

“Liberdade em movimento”, group show with André Severo and Runo Lagomarsino | Until 10th August at Iberê Camargo Foundation

“Volúpia Construtiva”, group exhibition with Luciano Zanette and Mayana Redin | Until 10th August at MAC-RS

“Distrações da Memória”, group exhibition with Camila Sposati, Daniel Escobar, Dirnei Prates, Mayana Redin, Pablo Lobato and Rommulo Conceição | Until 27th July at Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul


“Outro Museu”, group exhibition with Luiz Roque and Rommulo Conceição | Until 31st July at Galeria Municipal de Arte Gerd Bornheim


“Pela Superfície das Páginas”, group exhibition | Until 13th August, at Espaço Cultural Marcantonio Vilaça

A-PLAY.[ENTRE ARTISTAS]III, with Carla Zaccagnini, Laura Lima and Yuri Firmeza | Until 24th August, at Espaço Cultural Contemporâneo


Solo exhibition by Caio Reisewitz | Until 7th September, at the International Center of Photography, New York

“Under the same Sun: Art from Latin America Today” | Until October 1st, at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

“Beyond the Supersquare”, with André Komatsu | Until 11th January 2015, at the Bronx Museum, New York


“Punto ciego” by Sara Ramo | Until 27th July at the Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo, in Montevideo


“3am: Wonder, Paranoia and the Restless Night”, group show with Sandra Cinto | Until the 19th July at The Exchange, Penzance, CornwallLast days!

“Conscientia”, group exhibition with Pablo Ferretti | Until 10th September at The Lloyds Club, London

“From My Body Comes, Through Your Body Goes”, solo exhibition/installation by Adriano Costa | Until 10th August in the Zabludowicz Collection, London


“Slow Future”, group exhibition with Cinthia Marcelle | Until 14th September, at Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw


“Imagine Brazil”, touring group exhibition | Until 17th August in Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon

“Baitogogo”, installation by Henrique Oliveira | Until 29th September at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris

“Momento fecundo”, installation by Henrique Oliveira | Until 2nd November at the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire


“Fuga”, solo exhibition by Carla Guagliardi | Until 30th August at Diehl Cube, Berlin


“Atopia: Migration, Heritage and Placelessness”, with Jonathas de Andrade | Until 5th October in Guadalajara

“The Theater of the World”, with Marcelo Cidade | Until 11th September, at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City


“La otra orilla”, solo exhibition by Sandra Cinto | Until 21st September, at Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, in the Canary Islands


“Salon Distingué: Household effects in good company”, with Erika Verzutti | Until 30th November in Baden


“A voice of one’s own”, group exhibition with Carla Zaccagnini | Until 7th September at Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö


“Mind the map”, group exhibition with Fabio Morais and Rosana Ricalde | Until 21st September at Galleri F15, Moss


“Chora Chuva”, installation by Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima | Until 31st October, at the Vancouver Biennale (Shipbuilders Square)


“Nervous systems”, group exhibition featuring Cinthia Marcelle | Until 27th August at Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus


Est Art Fair, Portuguese contemporary art fair | From 10th to 13th July in the Centro de Congressos de Estoril


“Meeting Ponts 7 – Ten Thousand Wiles and A Hundred Thousand Tricks”, group exhibition with Runo Lagomarsino | Until 22nd August at the Institute for African Studies in Moscow

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