Temporada de Projetos 2014 | Featuring Beto Shwafaty, Érica Ferrari and Marcelo Amorim

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The Paço das Artes announces the artists selected for the Temporada de Projetos 2014 [Project Season], the oldest most important programme by the institution. A jury – formed by Priscila Arantes, Josué Mattos, Márcio Harum, Maikon Rangel, Nino Cais and Paulo Miyada – chose nine artistic projects and one curatorial, to be displayed in four stages through next year.

Individual shows:
Beto Shwafaty: Remediações [Remediations]
Érica Ferrari: Estratigrafia [Stratigraphy]
Ícaro Lira: Canudos – Cidade Partida [Broken City]
Laila Terra: Eurídice [Eurydice]
Luisa Mota: Perception is Wild
Marcelo Amorim – Ventriloquia [Ventriloquy]
Miguel Penha: Dentro da Mata [Inside the Woods]
Pedro França: untitled
Victor Leguy: Planos em Secção [Plans in section]

A groundbreaking project in Brazil, created in 1997, the Project Season has become a storehouse for critics, the public and the artistic class. Since its coming about, it has already brought to the cultural scene over a hundred professionals, including artists, curators and critics, throgh over fifty exhibitions.

The programme aims at encouraging contemporary art manifestations, regardless of the media used by the artist. As well as prommoting artistic production, the programme also stimulates theorical reflexion, as every project receives a critical appreciation by a guest specialist.

Temporada de Projetos 2014, with Beto Shwafaty, Érica Ferrari and Marcelo Amorim
On view through 7th September
Tues – Fri, 10am – 7pm
Weekends and holidays, 11am – 6pm

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