Video interviews released this week | Daniel de Paula and Cristián Silva-Avária

This week we disclosed two video interviews with PIPA 2014 nominees:

Daniel de Paula

Daniel de Paula says he once wanted to be a football player and even studied in the US with an athlete scholarship. In his video, he speaks of some of his recent works with which he tries to activate a discussion on public materials, like lampposts for instance.

The artist shows a bit of his work environment, which he shares with other artists, and answers to a question by curator and Nominating Committee member, Daniela Labra: “What is the main shortage you observe in the field of Brazilian contemporary art?”.

In reply, Daniel says: “I feel that there are a lot of works, artists and thoughts out there that are outside this market (…) that cause great impact but are left out of certain framings and attempts at cataloguing Brazilian contemporary art at the moment.”

He also says he believes the interest in such framings are related to collections, galleries, and that can be complicated. Daniel himself proposes a question: “How does the market validate what art is?”

Watch the video:

Cristián Silva-Avaria

A Chilean living in Rio since 2011, Silva-Avaria says he works in a very solitary way, always using video and photography as tools.

The artist answers to a question by collector and Nominating Committee member Fersen Lambranho: “How was your work influenced by the street demonstrations that began in June 2013 and are still going on?”.

In reply, Silva-Avaria speaks of one of his series called “Reverso” in which he works with consumer goods, “products of uneven urban planning policies or advertising strategies that foster consumerism” and affirms: “The population manifests itself because they want things to change, and this has much to do with art. When these situations happen, you understand art has a function, that art is alive. Art for me is an act of resistance, and its function is to show society its blind spots.”

Watch the video:

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