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On view | “Vostok”, solo exhibition by Letícia Ramos

(São Paulo, Brazil) After returning from an artistic residency in the North Pole, artist Letícia Ramos was surprised with the news of a Russian scientific base named Vostok, in Antarctica, that removed samples from a subglacial lake 4km under the ice, “time capsules” of the time when the continent began to froze. Based on this real data, Letícia created a fictional narrative in which she, like an explorer, removes samples out of a lake which was recreated in the glacial conditions. The “Vostok” project, including a 16mm film and a book, is on view at Mendes Wood gallery. The film score was recorded live, along with the setting, in an open performance.

Video-interview with Toz

The graffiti artist Toz was born in Salvador, Bahia state, but lives in Rio and his characters are inspired by the modern urban life. In this video he answers a question by the also artist Cadu, who wants to know: “Where does life start and where does art end?”
Tomaz Viana, aka Toz, tells us that when he was a child, his mother used to take him to her Fine Arts lessons, and that his father took him to get his first tattoo when he was only nine.
He also talks of how his characters started being recognised and gained specific features, and of the differences of working in the streets or in a gallery: “driving on the street, you can never see a graffiti piece calmly. But in a gallery you have all the time in the world to sit and enjoy the work.”
Watch the video.

Beto Shwafaty presents video-installation “Remediações” in São Paulo

(São Paulo, Brazil) The project addresses the multi-faceted relationships between territorial planning, economics, architecture, ideology, history and progress as they integrate issues related to modernism and colonialism. By exploring the connections between nature, culture, and politics, the project draws attention to the ideological uses of visuality, progress and communications through a variety of instances of power, in specific periods and places.

“The Theater of the World” | Group exhibition focused on architecture with Marcelo Cidade

(Mexico City, Mexico) “The Theater of the World” looks into the work of different artists interested in architecture as a place for political and social representation. Although, more than revealing the failed utopias from the past, this exhibition reflects on the world as stage, where the monuments, palaces, ruins and social housing projects coexist and renovate under the same façade of nation and apparent development.

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